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Even though I said I was back a couple weeks ago, life hadn’t really settled down until yesterday, so finally I can do another post today.  I hope to do more regular posting this fall, as the summer craziness fades away.

What was I up to the past few weeks?  Well, I mentioned I took my family to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming for some much-needed time away (see a pic here if you haven’t already).  Then I filled in for a friend doing two paper routes at night.  Then my in-laws came up from Virginia for a week.  Then we cranked high-speed on the church / coffeehouse remodel, in order to be up and running for our biggest outreach event of the year.  Then I headed up for a week in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota for a men’s canoe trip.  Now I’m finally back into normal life, the server issues are dealt with, and I’m looking forward to getting some blogging going again.

But that’s not really what I want to write about.  I wanna clue you all in to the soon-to-be-released latest album by Woven Hand (or Wovenhand if you wanna look really hip) – Ten Stones.

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Don’t worry – you can still vote on Group 2 until 7:30 am CST Monday, December 24.

I just wanted to get things rolling again, so you can also vote on this, Group 3.  For a quick rundown of the rules, in case this is your first time around, see here.  It’s pretty simple, though.  One vote per each one-on-one match.  There will be 6 matches between 4 artists.  Put your e-mail or WordPress ID in when you vote in the comments, or I’ll be forced to throw your vote out.  That’s about it.  Now, let’s vote!

Here are your four artists, with sample songs to help if you don’t know them that well:

Synthar – Small Coastal Towns
Leonard Jones – Oh, Jah! (file is 25 MB and 18 minutes long)
Woven Hand – Bleary-Eyed Duty
Jars of Clay – Jealous Kind

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David Eugene Edwards photoDavid Eugene Edwards, formerly of 16 Horsepower, launched off in a new direction in 2001 with a side project known as Woven Hand (and sometimes Wovenhand, without a space).  With urgent vocals and somewhat dark undertones, Woven Hand seemlessly merges gothic music with a bluegrassy country, creating a mesmerizing, almost hypnotic sound. Mandolin, banjo, guitar, booming drums and bass, and bizarre folk instruments make a mysterious, exotic, and otherworldly music style that you’ll probably either love or hate.

Woven Hand, coming out of Denver, Colorado, is David Eugene Edwards (vocals, guitar, mandolin, concertina, and more), Pascal Humbert (bass), Ordy Garrison (drums), and Peter van Laerhoven (guitar).  Edwards’ vocals are definitely what carries the band, but the rest of the musicians are awesome in their own right and work together really well to create a unique sound.

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