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Nate Allen (of Destroy Nate Allen) wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted for him in the Superbowl.  And for those who didn’t vote for him…  well, I don’t want to go there.

Go here to download all his songs for free.

Well, now that the Christian Music Superbowl is done, it’s time for questions.   Who do you think should have won?

I opened up the Superbowl to everybody, meaning that it essentially was a popularity contest, a race to gather more fans than the other artists competing.  Let’s pretend it wasn’t a popularity contest and the winner was picked solely on merit – be it musical creativity, excellent song writing, devotion to their career, passion for God, impact in the world, or whatever – who most deserves the win?

nateallensuperbowltrophy.jpgThanks, everyone, for voting for the Christian Music Superbowl I, and thanks to all the artists who participated!  I had a lot of fun, and I hope you all did too.

After tallying all the votes, we have the final numbers right here:

Keith Green – 33
Over the Rhine – 39
Agents of Future – 51
Destroy Nate Allen – 61

Way to go, Nate Allen!  Your prize package should be coming soon.

I’m really glad to see Nate win.  I would have been happy if Agents had won.  If Keith Green had won, I’d be a little dissapointed (but not too much… he is Keith Green after all).  If Over the Rhine had won, I’d have cried.  Not literally, but spiritually, which is even sadder.  No, seriously, they’re great musicians and did an awesome job in the competition, but I’m glad to see Nate pummel them.

Thank you, everybody, for humoring me for the Superbowl, and hopefully next year’s will be even better.  Leave your congratulations (for Nate, not for me) in the comments, and any suggestions on how to improve.

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