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Merry Christmas!  It’s once again time for The Blah Blah’s annual Christmas mix cd – Have a Blah Christmas.  Hope you like it.

Download or preview the MP3s individually, or get the whole thing (complete with cover art) in one massive zip file here.

Otherwise, I apologize but the songs aren’t edited to be in the correct order according to track number.  You’ll have to do that yourself.  I just ran out of time.

Enjoy the mix, and stop by the Sounds Familyre Blog for A Familyre Christmas, Vol. 1 and 2, with more great Christmas music.

1. Rosie Thomas – Christmas Time is Here (Download or Stream)
2. Lenny Smith – Finally, It’s Christmas Eve (Download or Stream)
3. Sufjan Stevens – We’re Goin’ to the Country (Download or Stream)
4. Over the Rhine – Little Town (Download or Stream)
5. Anathallo – Come Ye Sinners (Download or Stream)
6. Elin Smith – Oh Holy Night (Download or Stream)
7. Threnody Ensemble – Cello MiscO2 Mix01 (Download or Stream)
8. Joe Dorsey – Silent Night (Download or Stream)
9. Alli Rogers – O Little Town of Bethlehem (Download or Stream)
10. All Stars – Jesus is the Reason for the Season (Download or Stream)
11. Ryan Dean – To Us a Child of Hope is Born (Download or Stream)
12. Robbie Seay Band – Song of Hope (acoustic) (Download or Stream)
13. Mike (?) – Greensleaves (Download or Stream)
14. Joshua Stamper – Immanuel (Download or Stream)
15. Sleeping at Last – Merry Little Christmas Volume Up (Download or Stream)
16. Over the Rhine – One Olive Jingle (Download or Stream)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week.


Since I haven’t been blogging in a while, I thought I should open up with a mix CD, and what better way to do it than with songs inspired by the book of Revelation!

My good friend and semi-delinquent blogger Ryan over at Communal Feast has created a mix CD that he calls a soundtrack inspired by the book of Revelation.  I call it Trumpets, Woes, and Beasts, because it sounds a lot more menacing.

Ryan has been preaching through the book of Revelation Wednesday nights at my church, and it’s been awesome.  If you want to check out some of the teachings, head on over here to the church website and download a few.  I think you’ll really get a ton out of them – they’re not your standard Revelation sermons (whatever that means).

But, of course, what you’re really after is the music, so here is The Blah Blah’s first ever Revelation compilation, made up mostly, but not completely, of Christian artists:

1. Chapter 01: Phil Keaggy – John the Revelator (Download or Stream)
2. Chapter 03: Brian Doerksen – Light the Fire Again (Download or Stream)
3. Chapter 04: Miss Angie – 100 Million Eyeballs (Download or Stream)
4. Chapter 05: Jon Abel – The Revelation Song (Download or Stream)
5. Chapter 06: Solomon Jabby – Four Horses Ready (Download or Stream)
6. Chapter 10: Lenny Smith – I Saw a Mighty Angel (Download or Stream)
7. Chapter 12: Over the Rhine – The Trumpet Child (Download or Stream)
8. Chapter 13: Larry Norman – Six-Sixty-Six (Download or Stream)
9. Chapter 16: Believer – Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) (Download or Stream)
10. Chapter 16: One Bad Pig – Bowl of Wrath (live) (Download or Stream)
11. Chapter 17: The Swirling Eddies – Mystery Babylon (Download or Stream)
12. Chapter 19: Earthsuit – Whitehorse (Download or Stream)
13. Chapter 20: Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around (Early Take) (Download or Stream)
14. Chapter 21: Randy Bruce – New Jerusalem (Download or Stream)
15. Chapter 22: R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World as We Know It (Download or Stream)

* Download all the songs as one giant RAR file right here.

Enjoy the CD, listen to the song with its appropriate chapter if you feel so inclined, and download the album art here.

Welcome to the biggest event of your life – the first ever Christian Music Superbowl!

We’ve narrowed down from 60 amazing groups to reach the four you see here:

Destroy Nate Allen – Come to the Mountain (Download Streaming)
Agents of Future – Sewn in My Skin (Download Streaming)
Keith Green – Make My Life a Prayer to You (Download Streaming)
Over the Rhine – Don’t Wait for Tom (Download Streaming)

Here are the six matches to vote on:

1) Destroy Nate Allen vs. Agents of Future
2) Destroy Nate Allen vs. Keith Green
3) Destroy Nate Allen vs. Over the Rhine
4) Agents of Future vs. Keith Green
5) Agents of Future vs. Over the Rhine
6) Keith Green vs. Over the Rhine

All votes must be received in the comments by 9:00 pm CST today, February 3, 2008.

Official Links
Agents of Future MySpace Page
Get MP3s on their site 

Destroy Nate Allen MySpace
Download all Destroy Nate Allen’s songs for free 

Keith Green and Last Days Ministries Home Page
Buy Keith Green MP3s on iTunes
Buy Keith Green CDs on 

Over the Rhine MySpace Page
Buy Over the Rhine MP3s on iTunes
Buy Over the Rhine CDs on

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

Voting for the first ever Christian Music Superbowl will begin tomorrow morning, but I wanted to give everyone a preview of who the final contestants will be.

The final epic battle on Superbowl Sunday will be between the following four stellar (first use of the word “stellar” at The Blah Blah) artists.  You will see them listed below, along with witty descriptives which have nothing to do with the band other than that I think they are hilarious but they might just be retarded.

Over the Rhine (but not the hill)
Keith “No Compromise” Green
Destroy Nate “Votes for Himself” Allen
Agents of “We Have the Most ‘U’s in Our Name” Future

So be sure to come by tomorrow morning to vote on the final match.  See you then!

You can still finish up voting for Group 16 of Round 1, but for those of you ready to move on…

Welcome to Round 2, where the action gets really heavy and the voting gets even tougher.  Rules are a little different now.  First thing you’ll notice is that there will be matches every day from now until the Superbowl, and then on the Superbowl, there’ll actually be two matches, a morning one and an evening one.  Next thing is that instead of having 5 days (120 hours) to vote, now you’ll only have 2 days (48 hours), so that I can squeeze it all in by the time of the Superbowl.

There are four groups in Round 2, each made up of the winners in Round 1, with order randomly selected.  Each group has 4 artists competing in 6 head-to-head matches, just like in Round 1.  Vote for the winner of each head-to-head match, just like you did in Round 1.

If that all makes sense, let’s see who we’re voting on today:

Over the Rhine – Don’t Wait for Tom (Download Streaming)
Waterdeep – Everyone’s Beautiful (Download Streaming)
Half-Handed Cloud – I Got a Letter (Download Streaming)
Jeremy Casella – Distress Signal (Download Streaming)

Download the MP3s if you need ’em, but judge the artists and not just the song I put up.

Here are the six matches to vote on:

1) Over the Rhine vs. Waterdeep
2) Over the Rhine vs. Half-Handed Cloud
3) Over the Rhine vs. Jeremy Casella
4) Waterdeep vs. Half-Handed Cloud
5) Waterdeep vs. Jeremy Casella
6) Half-Handed Cloud vs. Jeremy Casella

Let the voting begin! All votes must be received in the comments by 8:00 am CST on Wednesday, January 30, 2008.

Official Links
Half-Handed Cloud MySpace
Buy Half-Handed Cloud MP3s on iTunes
Buy Half-Handed Cloud CDs at Amazon

Over the Rhine MySpace Page
Buy Over the Rhine MP3s on iTunes
Buy Over the Rhine CDs on

Jeremy Casella MySpace Page
Buy Jeremy Casella MP3s on iTunes
Buy Jeremy Casella CDs on

Waterdeep MySpace Page
Buy Waterdeep MP3s on iTunes
Buy Waterdeep CDs on

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

Ready to vote on Group 6 for Superbowl I? Check out the official rules here if you need them, but otherwise, here are your four artists (with sample songs) for today:

Sleeping At Last – Tension and Thrill
Over the Rhine – Don’t Wait for Tom
John Davis – Nothing Gets Me Down
Switchfoot – Meant to Live

Download the MP3s if you need them, but judge the artists and not just the one song I put up.

Here are the six matches to vote on:

1) Sleeping at Last vs. Over the Rhine
2) Sleeping at Last vs. John Davis
3) Sleeping at Last vs. Switchfoot
4) Over the Rhine vs. John Davis
5) Over the Rhine vs. Switchfoot
6) John Davis vs. Switchfoot

And let the voting begin! All votes must be received by 7:00 am CST on Monday, January 7, 2008.

Official Links
Sleeping at Last MySpace Page
Buy Sleeping at Last MP3s on iTunes
Buy Sleeping at Last CDs on

Over the Rhine MySpace Page
Buy Over the Rhine MP3s on iTunes
Buy Over the Rhine CDs on

John Davis MySpace Page
Buy John Davis MP3s on iTunes
Buy John Davis CDs on

Switchfoot MySpace Page
Buy Switchfoot MP3s on iTunes
Buy Switchfoot CDs on

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

Important Note

These MP3s are here for sampling purposes and to help spread the news about some sweet bands you may not otherwise know about. Support the artists by buying their MP3s and CDs and attending their shows. If you're a musician and don't want your MP3s on here, let us know and we'll take them down. In the interests of promotion and not robbery, all MP3s are taken down after a week or two, so if you wanna hear stuff, either come around often or pay for songs.

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