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PonokaOne of my favorite bands in the entire universe is Ponoka, coming from the Netherlands.  I found them because of a reader tip one day a while back and after downloading all the free songs they had up on their website I had to head over and buy the whole album at YouMakeMusic because I was hooked.

The songs are sweet pop melodies with great vocals and really tight music.  The first time I listened to a Ponoka song, I loved it, which is rare for me.  Usually it takes a while before a band grows on me, but these guys from Holland won me over right away.

I did a post on the band way back in October (here), and today I finally have a free slot so I can post an interview that lead singer and lyricist Rick de Gier was kind enough to do for me.

Like most of my interviews, it’s probably way too long, but I think you’ll enjoy Rick’s responses on starting a band, life in the Netherlands, and Christian music.

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Sorry about the dead links to the MP3s of This Beautiful Mess.  They’re fixed now, so you can either go to my original post or get the songs right here:

21st Advent Hymn
Soundtrack of My Life

My two favorite bands right now are from The Netherlands.  I’ve never been there.  I don’t personally know anybody from there.  And I really didn’t even know where it was located until I heard about Ponoka and figured if they were gonna be one of my favorite bands I’d better know where they live.

So Ponoka was reigning as my favorite band until I looked into This Beautiful Mess.  Now the two co-reign together in a blissful harmony, because it’s impossible to choose a favorite between the easy-going pop of Ponoka and the soaring intensity of This Beautiful Mess.

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PonokaPonoka. I first heard about this band almost 14 hours ago, so we have a long history together.  My favorite Norwegian reader, Ole Jorgen, sent The Blah Blah an e-mail with a giant list of some amazing European indie Christian bands, and Ponoka was the first I listened to.

Ponoka comes from the Netherlands, by way of Canada, and if all Christian music from the Netherlands is this good, I might have to practice my Dutch and move out there.  Now, I’m aware that most of my readers are from the US and therefore may be unaware of the exact location of the Netherlands (oooh, slam).  Don’t worry.  If you look on this map here, the Netherlands is located in the “Wine, Perfume, Spagghetti” part.  Hope that helps.

Anyway, the band Ponoka is Rick de Gier on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; Pim van de Werken on bass; Theo Nap on guitar; Lucas Nap on drums; Laurens Palsgraaf on keyboards; and Alice ten Brinke on vocals.  They’ve got a really tight indie pop sound that’s fun to listen to and chill with.  You don’t have to work hard to like the music.  It’s just there to be enjoyed, from the first note on harmonica to the last chord on guitar.

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