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Destroy Nate Allen

Way back in November, I did a post on one of my favorite new artists, Nate Allen, who goes by the ominous sounding moniker Destroy Nate Allen.  His music is a simple sort of folk-punk with honest, singable lyrics.  It’s stripped down and raw feeling.  Just one guy, his voice, and a guitar.  It’s not too “pretty” or “refined,” but it’s real and it’s catchy, and I like it.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I sent Nate way too many questions over e-mail in order to do an interview, and he was nice enough to answer every one of them so that today you can all read the results, on this beautiful first day of 2008.

But before I go on to the interview, be sure you check out his website to download all the songs he’s ever recorded and his MySpace to get up to date on all things Nate Allen.  If you like his music, be sure to give him a donation, to make his life easier.

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