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Wow.  If you haven’t seen this video yet of  Michael Nau (Page France, Cotton Jones Basket Ride) playing Starflyer 59’s song “I Was Seventeen,” you’ve gotta check it out.  Wow.  It’s intensely sad.


Page FranceFor those times when you need some jangly folk pop, Page France will be there for you.  (Jangly?  What the heck does that mean? Talk about a retarded use of adjectives.)  Coming from Marryland, the group started with some different members but now consists of Michael Nau, Whitney McGraw, Bryan Martin, Jasen Reeder, and Chris Morris.

Michael Nau started Page France way back in the spring of 2004 with his friend Clinton Jones.  From there, they have gone on to change the lineup, tour across the nation, and release four more records.

They’ve got mostly up-beat, fun songs with a folk sound, but they’re not straight-up folk artists by any definition.  Their songs are rarely about sunshine on shoulders, amber waves of grain, or darling Corey.  To be honest, I’m not sure what a lot of their songs really are about. On the music side of things, from time to time, the band will whip out some unusual instruments like trombones, various other horns, banjos, xylophones, and a glockenspiel.

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