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Thanks, everyone, for voting on Group 1 last week.  Doug Burr was the obvious winner far and above all the competion.  Way to go Doug!

Now on to Group 2!  But first, a recap of the rules, in case you forgot any:

You are allowed only one vote per one-on-one match.  No unfairly voting numerous times for the person you want to win.

To vote, leave a comment with who you think should win each of the six face-offs below. Put in a valid e-mail when you leave your comment (or your WordPress ID). I won’t keep your e-mail or anything, but I need to do this in order to keep it a little more kosher.

You have 5 days (120 hours) to vote on the bands.  So if I put up a match on Friday at 7 am, then I will count the votes on the following Wednesday at 7 am. You have until that time to send in your vote.  All votes after that time will not be counted.

If there are no questions, here are your bands for this group, along with a sample song to help in voting:

Josh Clubb – Even There
Agents of Future – You Can Change My Mind
Robbie Seay Band – Jesus Garden of My Rest
Brooke Waggoner – listen at MySpace (she doesn’t like illegal downloading.  Weird…)

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More photos are showing up for the Bucket Brigade!  Today’s winner is a bit of a cheater.  Rather than sending in a photo of himself with a bucket on his head, Brent at Colossians Three Sixteen sent in a photo of legendary guitarist Buckethead.

Anybody want KFC?


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More photos are showing up for the Bucket Brigade!  Today’s winner of a Josh Clubb CD is Santiago Pauli of Teirra del Fuego (in Argentina), just barely north of Antarctica.  Check it out on Google Maps here.  Tierra del Fuego is, from my knowledge, as far south as you can get without being in Antarctica.  I’ve always wanted to visit the place.

Anyway, nice bucket!


I’ve still got a few more Josh Clubb CDs to give away, so click here to see how you can get one!

The first bucket photos are already showing up!  Congrats, Tom and Ben!  You guys have won yourselves a Josh Clubb CD that truly is worthy of your sacrifice.

Tom  Ben

If you want your very own Josh Clubb CD, click here to see how I can make that a reality!

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