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I know I promised the final post about “Defining Christian Music” today, but it’s just gonna have to wait.  I wanted to get this post up while it was still relevant. 

A few days ago (here), I posted about the band Synthar that I’ve recently fallen in love with.  They’ve got a smooth and catchy synth-heavy folk pop sort of sound that’s real pleasing to the ears and fun to listen to.

Lead singer Johnny Bertram indulged my obsessive interviewing disorder and was kind enough to do an interview over e-mail for me.

So sit back, sip some coffee, and enjoy.

The Blah blah: OK, Johnny Bertram, who are you, in as many words as you want to use?
Johnny Bertram: I am a dude that grew up in the Northwest and moved to the south a few years back. I make music with my band SYNTHAR.

TBB: I gotta admit, I love everything about the band but the name.  What’s the story behind the name “Synthar?”  It sounds like a monster Godzilla would fight.

JB: I actually had nothing to do with the name of the band. Joel, Andrew, and Matt asked me to be a part of Synthar. I think the name was Joel’s idea… I wouldn’t mind seeing a Godzilla vs. SYNTHAR fight, though.

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Synthar.  I first heard about the band a few months or so ago and my first thought was, “Oh, great, not another band named after Godzilla’s famous winged arch-nemesis.”

Then, after racking my brain (read this) and realizing that there never was (but should have been) a Godzilla vs. Synthar movie, my second thought was, “With a name like a Godzilla enemy, I hope this isn’t so bad I lose control of my body functions.”  Or maybe something not quite so graphic popped through my head.

Either way, I didn’t expect much, but after listening to the album Evenings & Weekends, I’m very impressed.  With a sound that runs from dutch pop to new wave to electronic to a sort of synthesizer-heavy folk, Synthar has become a new favorite of mine.

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