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Yesterday, I posted Part One of an interview I did over e-mail with the Chicago band Overhang, so welcome back for Part Two today!

The Blah Blah: Which one of your songs is your favorite? Why?

Joel: Currently my favourite is “Escape” but I am also excited about the new material we are working on, some of which we are playing live.

Jeff: At our live shows we do a one-two combo of “Disaster” followed immediately by “Four Winds,” both of which are very strenuous on me as the drummer, but have an energy that’s unrivaled in our other material from Another Hole For You to Crawl Into.

Nate: My favorite songs are ones we haven’t released yet. But I love the funk in the pre-verses on “Scream and Shout” and the grandiose chorus on “Disaster”.

Grant: “Buried in the Earth”. I love the mood in it. Also “Before I Go” because the melody reminds me of the classic songbook songs that people like the Beatles and Brian Wilson were influenced by.

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Way back in January (here), I did a post about Chicago grunge / alternative rock band Overhang and their new album Another Hole for You to Crawl Into.  I asked the guys if they’d be into doing an e-mail interview for The Blah Blah, and Grant, Joel, Jeff, and Nate were all into it.  They sent their responses back to me over a month ago, but it wasn’t until today that I had a free slot to get a post up.

If you haven’t heard Overhang yet, head over to their MySpace and listen to a few songs.  This is hard and driving rock, without any frills or technological bells and whistles to get in the way.  They describe themselves as, “four instruments hurling musical 18-wheelers, hurricanes, and holy books into the crowd. Moody rock’n’roll on marching feet, a band of four beating drums of sonic war, following the fire in their eyes to the promised land.”  It’s loud, intense, in-your-face kind of rock.

So, without any further ado, today I give you Part One of the Overhang interview.

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The band Overhang, coming from Chicago, IL, sent me their latest album recently.  In a few short words, Another Hole for You to Crawl Into is amazing.

This was the first I’d heard of the band, and I sure hope they stick together for a long time and make more music, cuz now I’m addicted.  I don’t know what I’d do without my Overhang fix.

I put up a lot of mellow, acoustic folky stuff here, but Overhang is none of that.  The band does rock.  Pure and simple rock.  Loud and noisy rock.  Raw and driving rock.  Aching and groaning rock.

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