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The Porchfront FactoryHere we are, on to Day 4 of our “Intro to Indie Music” series.  I had everything planned on what I was going to do today (a post on Aaron Sprinkle), but it just didn’t seem right, so after talking to my wife, I thought, “Yeah, I’ll do Madison Greene,” but that just wasn’t meshing either.  I didn’t know what to do, until just about an hour ago, I found Aimee Wilson.

So today’s post will be about her, but more on that later. 

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of an introduction to Christian indie music here at The Blah Blah.  It’s been fun, and I hope you’ve learned a ton of stuff.  Check out my previous posts, parts 1 – 3, to get caught up. So what exactly makes indie music “indie?” Below is my ever-growing list of what I believe sets indie music apart from the rest…

Qualifications of Indie Music
1) It must be on an independent label (see here)
2) It’s about the music (see here)
3) Lo-fi good, over-production bad (see here)

and today’s qualification…
4) A do-it-yourself attitude

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