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Since I’ve been doing this blog for a while now, I’ve already posted about a number of noteworthy worship groups.  Rather than revisit all of them individually, I thought today would be a great day to put up a couple of songs by each of them.  Get it all done in one day, you know?

These guys each deserve a whole post of their own, but I want to get this thing moving along with the Worship Wars so I can go on to other things.

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Voting for the first ever Christian Music Superbowl will begin tomorrow morning, but I wanted to give everyone a preview of who the final contestants will be.

The final epic battle on Superbowl Sunday will be between the following four stellar (first use of the word “stellar” at The Blah Blah) artists.  You will see them listed below, along with witty descriptives which have nothing to do with the band other than that I think they are hilarious but they might just be retarded.

Over the Rhine (but not the hill)
Keith “No Compromise” Green
Destroy Nate “Votes for Himself” Allen
Agents of “We Have the Most ‘U’s in Our Name” Future

So be sure to come by tomorrow morning to vote on the final match.  See you then!

You have one more day to vote on Round 2, Group 3, but here are the bands for the final group in Round 2:

Anathallo – Cuckoo Spitting Blood (Download Streaming)
Agents of Future – Sewn in My Skin (Download Streaming)
Psalters – Hosanna (Download Streaming)
Vigilantes of Love – Tempest (Download Streaming)

Here are the six matches to vote on:

1) Anathallo vs. Agents of Future
2) Anathallo vs. Psalters
3) Anathallo vs. Vigilantes of Love
4) Agents of Future vs. Psalters
5) Agents of Future vs. Vigilantes of Love
6) Psalters vs. Vigilantes of Love

All votes must be received in the comments by 7:45 am CST on Saturday, February 2, 2008.

Official Links
Vigilantes of Love MySpace
Buy Vigilantes of Love MP3s on iTunes
Buy Vigilantes of Love CDs at Amazon

Anathallo MySpace
Buy Anathallo MP3s on iTunes
Buy Anathallo CDs at Amazon 

Psalters MySpace Page
Download Psatlers MP3s at Potter Street Records for free 

Agents of Future MySpace Page
Get MP3s on their site 

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

Thanks, everyone, for voting on Group 1 last week.  Doug Burr was the obvious winner far and above all the competion.  Way to go Doug!

Now on to Group 2!  But first, a recap of the rules, in case you forgot any:

You are allowed only one vote per one-on-one match.  No unfairly voting numerous times for the person you want to win.

To vote, leave a comment with who you think should win each of the six face-offs below. Put in a valid e-mail when you leave your comment (or your WordPress ID). I won’t keep your e-mail or anything, but I need to do this in order to keep it a little more kosher.

You have 5 days (120 hours) to vote on the bands.  So if I put up a match on Friday at 7 am, then I will count the votes on the following Wednesday at 7 am. You have until that time to send in your vote.  All votes after that time will not be counted.

If there are no questions, here are your bands for this group, along with a sample song to help in voting:

Josh Clubb – Even There
Agents of Future – You Can Change My Mind
Robbie Seay Band – Jesus Garden of My Rest
Brooke Waggoner – listen at MySpace (she doesn’t like illegal downloading.  Weird…)

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Important Note

These MP3s are here for sampling purposes and to help spread the news about some sweet bands you may not otherwise know about. Support the artists by buying their MP3s and CDs and attending their shows. If you're a musician and don't want your MP3s on here, let us know and we'll take them down. In the interests of promotion and not robbery, all MP3s are taken down after a week or two, so if you wanna hear stuff, either come around often or pay for songs.

Send us an e-mail if you want stuff removed or you would like to be promoted here.

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