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Merry Christmas!  It’s once again time for The Blah Blah’s annual Christmas mix cd – Have a Blah Christmas.  Hope you like it.

Download or preview the MP3s individually, or get the whole thing (complete with cover art) in one massive zip file here.

Otherwise, I apologize but the songs aren’t edited to be in the correct order according to track number.  You’ll have to do that yourself.  I just ran out of time.

Enjoy the mix, and stop by the Sounds Familyre Blog for A Familyre Christmas, Vol. 1 and 2, with more great Christmas music.

1. Rosie Thomas – Christmas Time is Here (Download or Stream)
2. Lenny Smith – Finally, It’s Christmas Eve (Download or Stream)
3. Sufjan Stevens – We’re Goin’ to the Country (Download or Stream)
4. Over the Rhine – Little Town (Download or Stream)
5. Anathallo – Come Ye Sinners (Download or Stream)
6. Elin Smith – Oh Holy Night (Download or Stream)
7. Threnody Ensemble – Cello MiscO2 Mix01 (Download or Stream)
8. Joe Dorsey – Silent Night (Download or Stream)
9. Alli Rogers – O Little Town of Bethlehem (Download or Stream)
10. All Stars – Jesus is the Reason for the Season (Download or Stream)
11. Ryan Dean – To Us a Child of Hope is Born (Download or Stream)
12. Robbie Seay Band – Song of Hope (acoustic) (Download or Stream)
13. Mike (?) – Greensleaves (Download or Stream)
14. Joshua Stamper – Immanuel (Download or Stream)
15. Sleeping at Last – Merry Little Christmas Volume Up (Download or Stream)
16. Over the Rhine – One Olive Jingle (Download or Stream)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week.


This is a great day for The Blah Blah – not only is my laptop wi-fi working, thereby making it so I can write this from my couch instead of in my office, but we welcome our first contributor who is neither my twin brother nor my wife: the soon-to-be legendary Matthew Hawkins

So this is my innagural post, and I hope to bring a nice mix of indie rock bands that have impressed me.  I am the booking manager of a Christian coffee house/venue called HeBrews Fort Wayne.  I hope to bring to the table a mix and collection of indie bands that have impressed me.  

Not too often is there a band that will simply just blow me out of the water.  And that is exactly what The Fabulous does.  They hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and have been local favorites for a while now.  They released an EP just a few months ago, and it was produced by James Paul Walker (Underoath, Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy is).  It is a mix of Coldplay and the Killers meets classic Elton John with catchy beats throughout.  

In a post-hardcore Christian music scene, these guys really up the anti and bring an amazing sound to what good music should sound like.  It isn’t the traditional power chords with a simple drum beat, but rather an intricate mix filled with amazing melodies.  It’s catchy, clever, and well worth the listen.  They’re a group of really amazing and talented young guys, and promise to rock your face off.  

You can check out their EP on their myspace page, or for $4.95 you can pick it up on iTunes.  

Check em out…

Sound it Out – DownloadStream


Purchase MP3s on iTunes

Note: All MP3s will be removed after one week

I love finding albums by indie artists that few people have heard.  What I hate, though, is finding these artists years after their music has been recorded, gone unnoticed, and been abandoned.

Jordan Boston is one of the latter.  I found him recently on e-music, and I liked his album Awakening enough to download the whole thing.  Unfortunately, it came out way back in 2005 and, to my knowledge, he hasn’t released anything else since then.

My knowledge of music (Christian, indie, neither, or both) is not encyclopedic, so it could be that he’s huge and you all know about him already, but from what I can tell, all he’s got out there is the one album from 3 years ago, and no plans to do anything else. Read the rest of this entry »

Don Chaffer is a pretty recognizable name in certain circles of the music industry.  Whether it’s his solo projects, his years with Waterdeep, or his new project The Khrusty Brothers, the guy deserves the attention he gets.

The first time I heard of The Khrusty Brothers, I thought, “Who the heck would name their new band that?!”  It’s a weird name.  Relax, the music is weird too, so it fits.

With that, the first time I heard their self-titled album, I didn’t like it.  It was weird, but not quite weird enough; normal, but not quite normal enough.  It felt stuck somewhere between really weird, trippy, cool alt-folk… and more normal, well-written, expertly-played classic folk. Read the rest of this entry »

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recognize Todd Berger’s name from his work with Enter the Worship Circle on the Village Thrift Circa 2005 album, back from… uh… right around 2005.  Together with Ben and Robin Pasley, Ryan Lott, and Doc Harrill, Todd helped create something genuinely new in worship music, which is a rare thing when it happens.  Overall, I liked the album.  I thought some songs were phenomenal, some were really good, and some just shouldn’t have made the final cut.  Like most albums, it was a mix of good and bad, but what it did more than anything was prove that a worship album didn’t have to be Chris Tomlin-influenced worship-rock (which there’s nothing wrong with), redone hymns (also, nothing wrong here), or simple acoustic songs ala Enter the Worship Circle’s normal stuff (again, nothing wrong with that either).

There’s a new Village Thrift album in the works, which should be even better than the first, but while you’re waiting, Todd Berger is about to release his own solo album, And Have Not Love.

Read the rest of this entry »

I filled in for a friend this past week on his paper routes again, and one night I stuck the MP3 player on repeat with Cory Asbury and Matt Gilman’s new album Holy.  To be honest, I didn’t care for Matt Gilman’s style that much, so I didn’t download any of his songs from the album, only Cory’s.

I like to play worship music while driving through the night delivering papers.  It helps me stay focused on God, gives me some time with Him amidst the insanity of paper delivery, and keeps me from whining and feeling sorry for myself.

I once listened to Colour Revolt for four hours on the routes, and as much as I love those guys, I’d rather have lines like “Be exalted in our praises, be exalted in our love” get stuck in my head than “We call it mattresses underwater but the gutters are seeping.”  Then I’m not just hanging out in the middle of the night listening to good music – I’m actually building myself up.

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Jon Foreman didn’t leave the “h” out of his name because he can’t spell.  He didn’t forget the rules of Wheel of Fortune and think he had to buy consonants, finding himself only able to afford two for his first name.  No, he leaves the “h” out just because he can.

That’s how cool he is.

You probably know Jon Foreman from the band Switchfoot, which has been around since 1996, but he’s got some great solo stuff that you should check out.

I actually only own a few of his songs, because most of his solo stuff isn’t available on e-music, and since I’m danged near broke, I don’t like to pay $1 per download.  So until e-music gets more Jon Foreman up, I’ll have to listen to my three songs of his over and over again.  Life is so cruel sometimes…

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Well, I finally did get the internet working, after I killed it a week or so ago, so I can post again.  🙂

Last week, I had another one of my usual “I’ve got way too many downloads to burn through and not enough music I want” episodes.  I had 250 free downloads from e-music, and, honestly, I was already overwhelmed with the music I had and wasn’t really excited about the idea of downloading another 20 new albums I’d have to grow to like.

But it drove me nuts just sitting on those downloads, so I went searching for new (or “new old”) stuff, and one of the artists I found was Annie Clark, who performs as the group St. Vincent.

I found her through her connections to Sufjan Stevens.  Apparently, she toured with his band beginning in 2006. I’m not sure what part she played, but according to Wikipedia she knows guitar, bass, and keyboard, so I would assume she did one of those.

Anyway, the music is fun, quirky, jazzy, poppy, and smooth, all at once.  She’s got an eclectic mixture of a sound that harkens back to classic jazz vocalists without remaining trapped there – the sound of thrift stores.

Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been doing a few pretty heavily CCM-influenced worship groups lately, so why not add another to the mix, eh?

Phil Wickham is giving his whole live album Singalong away for free download to anyone who signs up for his newsletter (go here if you haven’t yet).  I know it’s just a scam to get contacts, which translates into fans, money, popularity, and spread of his message.  I know it’s just one of the best, cheapest forms of advertising available, and I’m becoming a pawn of the marketing system by participating, but I don’t care – Phil Wickham is still a really nice guy.

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Brenton Brown is a name many of you may know already.  He’s not exactly some obscure Christian indie guy.

On the other hand, in a market (worship music) that’s dominated by heavyweights like Chris Tomlin, the unholy Trinity of Phillips, Craig, and Dean, and the David Crowder Band, anybody else seems obscure and indie in comparison.

Brenton Brown is a worship guy who’s been around with Vineyard for a while.  He’s done a solo album.  He’s appeared on worship compilations.  He’s had his songs covered by Lincoln Brewster and Chis Tomlin, among others.  He’s travelled around leading worship concerts.  He’s just generally doing the stuff worship guys do.

I got my hands on his latest album, Because of Your Love, released in July of this year, and while it doesn’t open up any new territory in the worship genre, it’s a good, solid offering in the category.

Read the rest of this entry »

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