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I thought this would make a great Christmas Eve post!  Todd Fadel of Agents of Future sent me an e-mail the other day with a compilation he made up with some of the best tracks from 1996’s It Never Snows on Christmas, an album from way back in 1996 of some of the best Portland, Oregon, bands at the time.

Why the name It Never Snows on Christmas?  Because, says Todd, it never has snowed on Christmas day in Portland, for as long as he can remember.

Here’s what Todd says about the mix: “The songs are fun.  Stereo Crush’s singer now leads a project called Boy Eats Drum Machine (which includes looped drums from Danny Seim of Menomena and Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce). Pep Squad is a band that was on Tooth and Nail for a couple of releases in 1997-1998.  My band, Sappo, was on Organic Records in 1997, and the All*Stars featured singers from local bands Yum Yum Children, Gifty, Brothers and Sisters of Righteousness, and Jimi Dorsey and the Lime Rickies.”

Click here for a zip file of Todd’s best-of compilation, or for the full album, go here.  You can listen on-line or to download the songs, just create a free account.


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