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Lonnie ShieldsWell, this is it – the final day of The Top 10 in Christian Blues.  Today, in just a few short moments, we will release to you faithful readers the final two MP3s in the collection of the all-time greatest Christian blues songs.  After today, you will no longer need to purchase any more blues songs, because they will only pale in comparison to the MP3s you already own.

Anyway, this has been a fun week for me, exploring the world of Christian blues, and I hope you had fun too, but I’m looking forward to next week, when I’ll be back to my random posts for a little while.  I plan to put up some bands that you probably have never heard of – ranging from shoegaze to indie rock to uh… weird, artsy, experimental stuff.  I think everyone will have a great time, but until then, we’ve gotta finish up with the blues!

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Blues GuitaristNow returning to The Top 10 in Christian Blues Week, day 4!  Just one more day to go, so soak in all the blues you can before it’s gone. Now that’s a thought worthy to sing the blues about.

Anyway, just after my comment yesterday that this Christian blues list was killing our blog stats at The Blah Blah, we had our best day yet, with 63 views.  Now, I know that for some of you bloggers out there 63 views would be a signal for the coming death of your blog, but we’re danged proud of it!

Now buckle in, cuz we’re about to get into some of the guys that define the world of blues music.

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Blues GuitarWelcome back to The Top 10 in Christian Blues Week, now on day 3!

I hope you’ve been enjoying this week and perhaps even broadening your musical horizons.  Looking at my Blog Stats recently, most of my readers have not been enjoying this week.  My exploration of Christian blues has served to significantly decrease the number of hits we receive daily here at the Blah Blah.  Sell-outs.  I’m no servant to the public!  If Christian blues is what I want to blog about, it’s Christian blues I’m going to blog about.

I’ve worked really hard as a lover of music to not turn into a music snob.  There was a time when I vehemently declared that all country music was awful, all blues was cheesy, and all popular rock bands were sell-outs.  The only real music was indie music.  There was also a time (even before the above-mentioned time) when all I listened to was folk and classical.  But I’ve had my fun as a music racist and now I’m open to pretty much every type of music.  I don’t like most rap I’ve heard.  I’m pretty picky about my screamo choices.  But I won’t exclude an artist simply because their music belongs to a particular genre.  I’m an equal opportunity listener.

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Early Blues LogoI hope all you faithful Blah Blah readers had a great Labor Day weekend!

Enough small talk.  🙂  Let’s get back to the music.  Welcome to Day 2 of The Top 10 in Christian Blues week.  Thanks for all you who have given me your thoughts on what I should have included on the list.  Keep ’em coming!

And in case any of you were interested, Dale Thompson (mentioned in a comment to this post) is starting a new project called Monster of the Americas.  Dale Thompson was the mastermind behind 80’s Christian heavy metal band Bride and bluesy bands The Kentucky Cadillacs and The Religious Overtones, and this new project aims to blend both sounds.  Keep an eye out.  It could be really fun.

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Blues Artist Reverend DavisA friend of mine who checked out my blog the other day said that I should put up some lists to make things a little more interactive and interesting.  I said to myself, “Self, that seems like a great idea.  Let’s put up some lists.”  So here it is, the first official Blah Blah list, of many more to come.  All this week, I’ll be looking at “The Top 10 in Christian Blues.”

“Why Christian blues?” you ask.  Last spring, I realized that most of the music I listened to was the same.  Most of my musical experience through the years has fallen under some sort of “rock” title.  Rock.  Indie rock.  Pop rock.  Acoustic rock.  Math rock.  Punk rock.  Folk rock.  Classic rock.  Sure, there were the handful of reggae bands.  Some tribal bands.  Some straight-up folk bands.  A few jazz guys.  Some classical…  But most of the music I had experienced and most of the CDs I owned were some form of rock music.  Now, theologically this is sound, because Jesus, as the Rock, should be the basis of every God-fearing man’s music library, but I was curious about what lay beyond.

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