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Steve and Joy GuilesI apologize for the tiny photo of Steve and Joy Guiles to the left.  I’m not positive, but I think that, in real life, they are actually taller.

Anyway, I heard about Steve Guiles just recently, and I wanted to pass him along to you guys.  Steve has been recording music for a while now, with various groups and under various names.  As Friction Bailey, it’s Steve and his wife Joy pulling off some folky, acoustic pop stuff.  As Pushstart Wagon, it’s Steve, Eric Shouse, and Ben Eggehorn doing power pop, college rock kind of songs.  As The Vegas Nerve, it’s Steve and a bunch of his college friends.  As Steven Wesley Guiles, it’s… uh… Steve.

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With a name like Agents of Future, you’ve gotta sound unique.  You can’t go on stage sounding like Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Shania Twain, Brittney Spears, or anybody else who’s ever been around.

And unique is one thing they are.

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Todd, one of the leaders of the group, pointing me toward their music and asking me to take a look.  I checked out their MySpace, downloaded a few songs, and loved it right away.

Agents of Future are real and passionate about what they’re doing.  They’re creative.  They’re unique.  They’re inclusive.  And they love God with all their hearts, from what I can tell anyway.

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Peep in Paris

Long-time readers of The Blah Blah will remember a post from a while ago about Josh Clubb (here).  I found him randomly one day on the internet and I liked his music.  It wasn’t my favorite worship music I had ever heard, but I liked it.  Good, solid stuff.

Well, this is the story of one worship leader’s journey from “pretty good” to “favorite ever.”  Josh Clubb is my all-time favorite worship leader now, and here is the story.  I’ll try to keep it short, because later in the post I’ve got an interview with Josh and a Christmas give-away worthy of Santa Claus himself.

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