Doing The Blah Blah is hard.  Sure, there’s the sometimes overwhelming amount of e-mails, the work it takes to give an insightful opinion, the weeding through mediocre or bad music, etc. but that’s all pretty normal.

What makes it hardest is that I want to showcase artists who are Christians and are making above-average music, especially those in the indie music world, but definitely not limited to them.  What’s so hard about this is that most Christians in the indie music world don’t want to be identified as Christians, for various reasons, and most that want to be identified are not making above-average music.  You can debate the ethics of either side all you want, but the truth remains that most good independent Christian artists don’t want to be pigeon-holed as “Christian artists.”

So it’s hard to find out who’s a Christian and who isn’t.

This makes me think that maybe it doesn’t matter.  Maybe it would be better just to write about music that I like and forget the whole faith issue.  This would be OK and might work for a while, but I really do want someone to do a site that is mostly devoted to good music made by Christians, because there’s a lot of people who want that.  There’s a ton of Christians burned-out from a CCM-infused market who don’t know there’s anything better out there and feel like the only option is secular music that promotes a humanist worldview.  I listen to plenty of music made by non-Christians, and I still think there are more non-Christian artists making great music than Christians, but I think the world needs to know that you don’t have to make CCM records if you love God.  And the church needs to know it.

The church needs to know there’s good music out there.  It needs to know Peter Hicks, Page France, or Solomon Jabby aren’t heretics for not being on major Christian labels.  Some of them may be heretics, but it’s not for their choice of record labels.  The world needs to know God is a creative God open to all forms of music, even if it doesn’t come from Nashville.  And the indie Christian hipsters need to know God might even be open to someone as uncool and CCM as Shane and Shane.

I think someone needs to do a site like The Blah Blah, but I just wish it were easier.  I wish people were more open about what they believed, and more open to accepting others for their opposing beliefs.  In a world that prides itself on being open, understanding, and politically-correct, independent artists get a lot of flack if they even mention they go to church or they grew up in a Christian environment.  And Christians get a lot of flack if they’re on a secular label, perform with secular bands, and play at, heaven forbid, bars or college parties, where people actually need to hear about God.  Maybe someday we’ll be past all this judging a band for what their faith is, but it sucks right now.