I’ve done two posts on Paste Magazine recently, the first called “I Hate Paste Magazine” and the second “Ten Reasons I Love Paste Magazine,” and I’ve been delightfully surprised to find that, if you search for “paste magazine” in Google, my hate post is #4, right behind 2 sites from the magazine itself and a Wikipedia article.  That’s about as high as you can get in rankings.  I’d hate to be higher than the magazine itself (seems somehow wrong), and nobody beats Wikipedia.

What’s even funnier than being #4 is that my Paste-love post comes in at #5, right after my hate post.  Talk about being schizophrenic…

So Paste Magazine probably either hates or loves me right now.  Or, in reality, they probably don’t even notice me.

Either way, here’s the link to the Google search so you can see it for yourself, in case you have a hard time typing “www.google.com” into your address bar and searching for “paste magazine” on your own.  I know, it’s hard.


In other news, if you search for “christian indie mp3,” I’m ranked #2, which is pretty good for a WordPress blog.  What else am I ranked high for?  Has anybody noticed anything weird?