This is a great day for The Blah Blah – not only is my laptop wi-fi working, thereby making it so I can write this from my couch instead of in my office, but we welcome our first contributor who is neither my twin brother nor my wife: the soon-to-be legendary Matthew Hawkins

So this is my innagural post, and I hope to bring a nice mix of indie rock bands that have impressed me.  I am the booking manager of a Christian coffee house/venue called HeBrews Fort Wayne.  I hope to bring to the table a mix and collection of indie bands that have impressed me.  

Not too often is there a band that will simply just blow me out of the water.  And that is exactly what The Fabulous does.  They hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and have been local favorites for a while now.  They released an EP just a few months ago, and it was produced by James Paul Walker (Underoath, Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy is).  It is a mix of Coldplay and the Killers meets classic Elton John with catchy beats throughout.  

In a post-hardcore Christian music scene, these guys really up the anti and bring an amazing sound to what good music should sound like.  It isn’t the traditional power chords with a simple drum beat, but rather an intricate mix filled with amazing melodies.  It’s catchy, clever, and well worth the listen.  They’re a group of really amazing and talented young guys, and promise to rock your face off.  

You can check out their EP on their myspace page, or for $4.95 you can pick it up on iTunes.  

Check em out…

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