I love finding albums by indie artists that few people have heard.  What I hate, though, is finding these artists years after their music has been recorded, gone unnoticed, and been abandoned.

Jordan Boston is one of the latter.  I found him recently on e-music, and I liked his album Awakening enough to download the whole thing.  Unfortunately, it came out way back in 2005 and, to my knowledge, he hasn’t released anything else since then.

My knowledge of music (Christian, indie, neither, or both) is not encyclopedic, so it could be that he’s huge and you all know about him already, but from what I can tell, all he’s got out there is the one album from 3 years ago, and no plans to do anything else.

Jordan Boston reminds me a little of a Christian version of Jack Johnson mixed with an acoustic Stevie Wonder.  He’s got that laid-back, fun feel of Jack Johnson, but most of his songs have interesting rhythms like those found in the funk and soul music of Stevie Wonder.  It’s a cool combination.

I can’t really tell you anything about him because I don’t know anything other than what I just said, but you should definitely check him out.  It’s happy acoustic music with an overall happy feel and a generally happy message.

Side Note: Don’t expect to find much info on Jordan Boston out there.  If you do a search on Google, most of the sites that show up aren’t about him.  In fact, the second-highest ranked site is Jordan Knight’s MySpace page.  New Kids on the Block.  Ewww.

Anyway, just check him out.  You’ll dig him:

If This is War – Download – Stream
Tossed and Tumbled – Download – Stream

MySpace: none

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