I filled in for a friend this past week on his paper routes again, and one night I stuck the MP3 player on repeat with Cory Asbury and Matt Gilman’s new album Holy.  To be honest, I didn’t care for Matt Gilman’s style that much, so I didn’t download any of his songs from the album, only Cory’s.

I like to play worship music while driving through the night delivering papers.  It helps me stay focused on God, gives me some time with Him amidst the insanity of paper delivery, and keeps me from whining and feeling sorry for myself.

I once listened to Colour Revolt for four hours on the routes, and as much as I love those guys, I’d rather have lines like “Be exalted in our praises, be exalted in our love” get stuck in my head than “We call it mattresses underwater but the gutters are seeping.”  Then I’m not just hanging out in the middle of the night listening to good music – I’m actually building myself up.

So Cory got in my playlist one night this week, and even though the music isn’t my absolute favorite worship of all time, it’s really good.  He’s somewhere around the Merchant Band, David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin area of things.  The music is definitely not exactly what they’re doing, but I’d file it in that realm.

Cory Asbury is coming out of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, much like Misty Edwards, Merchant Band, Isa Courvertier, and the tons of other new up-and-coming artists I haven’t had a chance to dig into yet.  Man, IHOP is putting put some sweet worship music.  It’s not all exactly what I’m looking for, but most of it is really good at any rate.

Overall, the album is nothing too revolutionary for the worship music genre, but it’s definitely a great addition to your worship music.  One thing he brings that is lacking in a lot of worship music, especially at IHOP, where everything is so intense and deep, is a real sense of joy and peace in God.  To be sure, there are worship songs out there that make you feel like God’s a fun, good God, but Cory Asbury just leaks it out.

The songs on the album are pretty varied, given the overall standard “worship music” feel.  He brings a little gospel-inspired funk into a few of his songs, like “So Good to Me”.  To see the song in all it’s glory, check out this video here.  Just listen to that bassist in action.  I’d like to hear some more of him on the album.  Switching gears completely, “You are My Hope” is a mellower, almost hymn-like cry of hope in God, full of intense dynamics I’ve come to expect from IHOP’s worship leaders.  In “Be Exalted,” the joy of worshiping God in all his greatness comes out in anthemic, stadium-rock fashion.

All in all, Cory Asbury is doing a great job.  If you’re in need of some new worship music, check him out.  I think you’ll be pleased.  Check out Matt Gilman too.  You might like his style better than I did.  And if you’re in the Kansas City area, hop on over to the IHOP Prayer Room to worship with Cory Saturdays from 4-6 pm and 8-10 pm.  If I lived closer, I know I’d be there.

Here are two songs, which inadvertently are perfectly symmetrical, off the album Holy. Hope you like ’em:

Be Exalted – Download – Stream
Stay Close – Download – Stream

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