Well, I finally did get the internet working, after I killed it a week or so ago, so I can post again.  🙂

Last week, I had another one of my usual “I’ve got way too many downloads to burn through and not enough music I want” episodes.  I had 250 free downloads from e-music, and, honestly, I was already overwhelmed with the music I had and wasn’t really excited about the idea of downloading another 20 new albums I’d have to grow to like.

But it drove me nuts just sitting on those downloads, so I went searching for new (or “new old”) stuff, and one of the artists I found was Annie Clark, who performs as the group St. Vincent.

I found her through her connections to Sufjan Stevens.  Apparently, she toured with his band beginning in 2006. I’m not sure what part she played, but according to Wikipedia she knows guitar, bass, and keyboard, so I would assume she did one of those.

Anyway, the music is fun, quirky, jazzy, poppy, and smooth, all at once.  She’s got an eclectic mixture of a sound that harkens back to classic jazz vocalists without remaining trapped there – the sound of thrift stores.

If you could take Sufjan Stevens, Regina Spektor, and Billie Holiday, mash them together, then add in some extra bizarre flavors, you’d get St. Vincent.  Don’t meditate on that mashing them together part too much.  It’s kinda’ weirding me out.

I can’t tell how her music is “Christian,” but I read it on-line, so it must be true.  See it for yourself here.  When it comes to understanding lyrics, I admit I’m a bit retarded (I mean, “cognitively challenged”), so it could very well be that every song Annie Clark sings is about Jesus, but I wouldn’t know it.

As an example, the song “Jesus Saves, I Spend” is a great title – witty, declarative, mysterious…  And while it says “Jesus” in the title, I can’t understand any of the lyrics or see what it has to do with anything.  Some people seem to think she’s criticizing Sufjan Stevens or Christianity, while others think she’s supporting either or both of those.  You can read some thoughs over here.  In the final analysis, I like her music, the lyrics don’t make much sense to me, and until I find out from her, I’ll postpone deciding if she’s a Christian or not.

One thing I do know about her for sure – she used to be a hair model.  Go figure.

Here’s two songs to give you a taste of Annie Clark’s music, then go grab the rest from e-music (and get 50 free downloads in the process):

Marry Me – Download – Stream
Paris is Burning – Download – Stream

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