Following along in the line of my very CCM posts lately, I found a bit of news I wanted to pass on to those interested.  Since I don’t normally follow CCM happenings, this is new to me, but you may already know.

Bart Millard, the voice behind MercyMe, first produced an album of redone hymns in 2005.  I took no notice, through no fault of his.  But now in August 2008, he released another album he calls Hymned Again, and I think it’s definitely worth a look.  Go on over to his MySpace to take a listen.  It’s really good and very different from other Christian music out there.

I’ve heard hymns redone by all sorts of bands, and I’ve always like them, but with Hymned, Millard gets to the heart of the matter.  Drawing heavily on country and bluegrass, Millard makes these hymns shine.  I’ve never been a huge country fan (especially not the more modern stuff), but for some reason it just works on this album.  Maybe I’m more of a hick than I realize.

But it’s not all country.  There’s definitely a lot of that going around, but there’s also jazz influences, blues overtones, and all sorts of musical styles slipping in.

Anyway check it out, and then someone send me a copy of the album to review, alright?  🙂