I first posted about the band Colour Revolt way back here, but they’ve come a long way since then.  Through concerts, practice sessions, and gear getting swiped, the guys have managed to create a full-length album that is phenomenal.  If you liked what they did on the EP, you’ll love the new (that’s a relative word) album Plunder, Beg, and Curse.

Colour Revolt is Jimmy Cajoleas, Len Clark, Jesse Coppenbarger, Sean Kirkpatrick, and Patrick Addison.  Together they create a masterful soundscape of heavy-edged, high-energy music that is like nothing else out there.  Screaming guitars, intense vocals, smooth bass lines, and some hard-pounding drums bring everything together for a sound that is much bigger and more polished than they had on their EP.

I loved the EP, but this album makes it sound almost boring.

I’m not gonna spend a long time describing the music of Colour Revolt.  Just download the couple songs I’ve got here, head over to MySpace for another one, and buy the rest of the album.  If you’re into high-energy music, you’re gonna love it.

These guys have a mature, well-developed sound that retains its freshness and energy, and the album does a good job of showing off their ability to make songs that all have a similar feel without all sounding the same.  This is raw, dynamic energy mixed with a full, creative sound.

Check out a YouTube video of the guys playing Naked and Red (right here), and then download these two songs and go grab the whole album on e-music:

Ageless Everytime – Download – Stream
Moses of the South – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/colourrevolt

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