I downloaded Katie Herzig’s album Apple Tree from NoiseTrade, and I loved it instantly.  Her music is a little quirky, but not overly weird, so I think you’ll probably like her.

Quick sidenote here, but if you haven’t tried out NoiseTrade, you really oughtta.  I talk about it more over here, but the basic idea is that artists can offer an album for free download to anyone who will promote their music.  Or, if you don’t wanna bug your friends, then you can opt out of the free option and instead just pay whatever you think the album is worth.  Either way, it’s a great idea and a cool way to 1) get new music, 2) find out about artists you may not know about, and 3) help promote some really great stuff.

I don’t know if all the artists on NoiseTrade are Christian, but a good portion of them are.  At any rate, whether you’re looking for music by Christians or not, it’s all good indie stuff.

So that’s where I found Katie Herzig, on NoiseTrade.  To be honest, the main reason I downloaded her album was because of the album art.  I tend to be skeptical of female artists, because most of them seem to be going for a sound that I’m just not that into, but Katie’s Apple Tree album cover drew my attention enough to warrant a listen.  And after hearing the samples, I fell in love with the sound.

The thing I love the most about Katie Herzig’s music, especially the songs on Apple Tree, is the fun, whimsical quality to it.  It’s like Norah Jones meets Rosie Thomas meets Dido meets Marketa Irglova.  Meets the old Candyland boardgame.  That’s way too much meeting going on.  Her voice is sweet, almost childlike, but not lacking in emotional power, which perfectly matches the music.

Lyrically, Katie is an exceptional writer.  She’s got a gift of writing poetic, imagery-filled songs that are still catchy and poppy enough to sing along with.  She walks the fine line between singable pop and avant-garde poetry, to great results.

Which is a great transition of what I don’t like about her music.  Lyrically, she’s an exceptional writer, but I can’t help but feel the majority of the songs are written about relationships, which seems pretty cliche.  She has an ability to make cliched circumstances far more interesting to hear about than most, but it’s still boy-meets-girl kind of stuff.  Unless I’m totally misunderstanding the meaning, which could very well be true.

I’m not sure whether Katie is a Christian or not, which is another annoying thing.  I think she is, but I couldn’t find any concrete information one way or another.  None of the interviews, bios, or song lyrics seemed to mention God, but a few people on-line seemed to associate her with Christian music, so I don’t really know where she stands.  Does it matter?  Maybe not, but I do like to know, to satisfy my own curiosity if nothing else.

Well, read an interview with her over here at CCM Magazine.  It’s an entertaining read. And here are two songs for your downloading pleasure. If you like ’em, go grab the rest of the Apple Tree album over at Noise Trade:

I Will Follow – Download – Stream
Take it to the Country – Download – Stream

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