Even though I said I was back a couple weeks ago, life hadn’t really settled down until yesterday, so finally I can do another post today.  I hope to do more regular posting this fall, as the summer craziness fades away.

What was I up to the past few weeks?  Well, I mentioned I took my family to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming for some much-needed time away (see a pic here if you haven’t already).  Then I filled in for a friend doing two paper routes at night.  Then my in-laws came up from Virginia for a week.  Then we cranked high-speed on the church / coffeehouse remodel, in order to be up and running for our biggest outreach event of the year.  Then I headed up for a week in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota for a men’s canoe trip.  Now I’m finally back into normal life, the server issues are dealt with, and I’m looking forward to getting some blogging going again.

But that’s not really what I want to write about.  I wanna clue you all in to the soon-to-be-released latest album by Woven Hand (or Wovenhand if you wanna look really hip) – Ten Stones.

David Eugene Edwards and Woven Hand (who I originally posted about here) are one of my favorite musical groups for being able to remain pretty obviously Christian in content while drawing on some pretty creative, artistic, often gritty, and a little dark images and musical forms.  I’ve referred to their style as gothic bluegrass – it’s somewhat dark and eery and heavy stuff.

For those of you who haven’t heard Woven Hand yet, check them out even if the description scares you off.  (Hey, kids, check out this dark and creepy music!  You’re gonna love it!”)

If you’re already a fan, I think you’ll enjoy the music from his upcoming album as much as anything he’s already done.  If I can judge the album by the one song I’ve heard so far, “Kicking Bird,” this is gearing up to be my favorite of his albums.  The intensity is upped a notch and the ultra-creepiness that crept into some of his earlier albums is replaced by more restrained levels of musical heaviness.

Anyway, download the new song below, on Woven Hand’s MySpace page, or at Sounds Familyre Records, and gear up for Ten Stones to be released September 9.  If you just can’t wait, head over here to pre-order the album now.  It’ll come out as both CD and vinyl, and, man, if I’ve got the cash, I’ll definitely be getting the vinyl – I think this will be an album that wants to be played on a record player.

In case you’re too lazy to go to one of the real sites to download the new song, I’ve put it below:

Woven Hand – Kicking Bird (download or streaming)

Website: www.wovenhand.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/wovenhand

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