Well, I’m back anyway.  I don’t know about that whole “better than ever” part, but I’m back from my vacation in the Wyoming Rockies, I’ve finally figured out my hosting issues, and I’ll be getting some MP3s up for ya’ll pretty soon.  It’s been a frustrating battle with domains, servers, and the like, but I think it’s finally over.

I don’t have anything important I want to say today.  Just random things that are on my mind.  Our family trip out West was incredible.  The scenery definitely beats southern Wisconsin’s, and all we did was hike, talk, sleep, eat, swim, and drive around.  Jessie (my wife, for the uninformed) and I did go on one date to see The Dark Knight.  Very good movie, if a bit creepy.  But it’s Batman, so what do you want – singing purple dinosaurs?

So, yeah, the vacation was great, and I highly recommend the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming to anybody looking for a relatively inexpensive, less crowded place to do some camping or hiking.  If you live in the upper midwest like I do, it’s a little closer than Yellowstone or the Colorado Rockies and much easier to get to.

Anyway, this week I’m filling in for a friend on his early morning paper routes, so I’m pretty sleep deprived right now and will probably crash in a few hours.  If this post doesn’t make much sense, I blame my sleep deprivation.

Well, until I get the next official post up, check out the view from Lake Helen below.  This was my favorite place we checked out during our vacation in Wyoming.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, but the quiet solitude and majestic mountain scenery were awesome.  Getting the view required a 10-mile round-trip hike up 1000 feet of elevation to get to it, but it was worth it.