Well, after a week off from The Blah Blah, I’m still having issues with my domain transfer from MyHosting to GoDaddy.  I don’t know what the problem is, but I’ll hopefully get it resolved soon.

I used the free evenings to spend some much-needed time with my family, watch a few movies, meet with God, and read some books.  I cranked through Michael Crichton’s Timeline (good), Donald Miller’s To Own a Dragon (very good), and Tim Cahill’s Road Fever (also very good).  Now I’m in the middle of Desmond Tutu’s The Rainbow People of God which is good but a little wordy.

And, today, the flooding in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, has resumed.  With the last round of big rainstorms, we got some significant flooding in the basement (where we have my office, a prayer room, the laundry, storage, and our girls’ bedroom).  But, despite the large volume of water coming in, it all was sucked down the drain, as long as we routed it right.

Today, about an hour ago, it started pouring again.  And now the drain is not working and we’ve got over an inch of water across almost the entire floor.  And the outlook says we’ll be getting almost non-stop rain for the next two weeks.

I’m not sure if there’s something clogging the drain or if the water level is just so high that new water has no place to go, but either way, I’ve decided that the next place we rent will have enough bedrooms on the first (or second!) levels so we don’t have to rely on the basement staying dry.

So we’ve moved most everything we can move out of the basement and now all we can do is sit and watch the water level rise.  The girls will take naps upstairs and we’ll probably all be sleeping in the living room for a while.

Why am I telling you all this?  I’m not sure.  But, since this is a music blog and not a blog just for my personal whining, here’s a list of some of the albums I’ve been listening to as the floodwaters rise:

The Khrusty Brothers – The Khrusty Brothers
Page France – And the Family Telephone
Colour Revolt – Plunder, Beg, and Curse
Colin Meloy – Colin Meloy Sings Live!

All good stuff (not all made by Christians, if that’s important to you), and you don’t necessarily need a flooding basement to appreciate it.

Just had a random thought.  Since I missed out on doing a Fourth of July mix CD, I should make up a Flood mix to celebrate all the rain we’ve been getting in the Midwest lately.  I’ll make that my first post when I get MP3s back.  What better way to exploit the flooding than with a mix CD, right?