I’m sure many of you have heard of Don Chaffer, but for those of you who haven’t, I hope you’ll read on and get hooked on one of the greatest musician story-tellers out there. Don is perhaps best known for his part, along with wife Lori Chaffer, in the awesome folksy, hippy, bluesy, jam band Waterdeep.

Waterdeep is great.  Lori’s incredibly unique yet powerful voice carries the group out of the realm of normalcy and into the legendary.  For years, I ignored Don’s additions to the group, focusing on how much I loved Lori’s voice, but after downloading some solo songs by Don, and listening to what he did on the Waterdeep albums, I’ve come to a renewed appreciation for his musical prowess.

(Side note: When you use words like “prowess,” it makes you sound smart.  If, however, you use words like “prowess” in sentences like “The tigress had great prowess” it makes you sound less smart and more like a chidren’s author.)

Enough of his prowess…  Don is a story-telling artist who’s medium happens to be music and tapestry happens to be your ears.  If you can’t appreciate his acoustic/folk/blues/funk style, I understand, but look beyond the style of music and watch an artist at work.

I’m not gonna say much more than that about Don.

Why? Because I’ve got yet another annoying computer problem to deal with. I bought an external hard drive about 2 months ago from a guy who claimed it was a Seagate drive.  He offered an incredible price, so I bought it, thinking I was getting a name-brand drive for a bargain price.  When it came in the mail, I took the casing off only to discover it wasn’t a Seagate and it had this message written on it, in all caps – “B  A  D.”

Like any Christian with plenty of duh-scernment, I sent it back and rather than taking my money back, I let him send me a replacement.  Bad idea.  The next drive came and I had errors popping up, bad sectors showing themselves, and other weird quirks that should have clued me in that it was a bum drive.  But, my duh-scernment wasn’t operating at full strength apparently, and today the drive has basically failed.  So I’m in the process of recovering any data I can before it crashes for good.

While doing that, I figured I’d take some time to write a post, which my duh-scernment says you’re reading right now.

So check out Don Chaffer.  I think you’ll like him.  He’s an outstanding musician with a great sense for different music styles and an amazing ability to write insightful, honest lyrics.  The 2002 album What You Don’t Know, which both songs today are from, is exceptional.  He plays all instruments other than drums and pulls it off really well.  It doesn’t have that hollow re-recorded sound a lot of albums have where one person plays everything.

Also be sure to take a look at Don’s crazier project The Khrusty Brothers and read an interview on Colossians Three-Sixteen here.

Here’s some Don Chaffer classics for you MP3-crazed fans:

Bring the Sadness Back In – Download – Stream
Man I’m Gonna Sing – Download – Stream

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