Lately, I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to be honest as I look at bands to post about.  I make it easier on myself by usually only posting about bands that I think are really great, but once in a while I offer to write about a band or artist that I’m not entirely sold on, that may be perfect for somebody but not really what I’m into.

Sometimes, I’ll gloss over the things that I don’t like.  I’ll write about the positive things in the band and just ignore the stuff that bothers me.  But, other times, I just gotta let it all out and be up front about what’s good and what’s bad, honesty to the point of brutality.

There are few groups that I’ve put up here that I can say I like without question or qualification.  Doug Burr, mewithoutYou, and Ponoka are three that come to mind.  I love those bands, hands down.  Maybe a year from now, I’ll have qualifications for them, but right now, they’re some of the most perfect bands ever.

Back here, I wrote an honest critique of a band (Hello Kelly) that I don’t care much for. I wanted to be honest in the fact that I think they’re good at what they do, and if you like that style of music, then you might like them, but I thought they were a little cheesy, a little boring, and pretty similar to what’s popular now.  Apparently, some people got annoyed that I gave my honest opinion (on my blog).

This got me thinking.  I’ve never read a negative review of Christian music from any Christian publication.  I don’t mean that as hyperbole either.  I seriously can’t remember ever reading one.  Secular reviews slam albums all the time, but Christian reviews are always positive and happy.  If they don’t like the music, they just keep their mouths shout.

This is dumb.  Reviews should be critical and offer the positives and the negatives, the strengths and the weaknesses.  If all the music reviews are positive, then they cease to mean anything.

This is why I will always strive to be honest in my reviews.  It may annoy you to see your band get picked apart on The Blah Blah, but I’ll try not to just rip you to shreds mercilessly, even if you deserve it.  😉  I’ll try to be nice as I talk about what isn’t so great on your album.  I really do tend to think that even bands I don’t like have redeeming qualities, so you’ll probably be safe.

Yet, I don’t want to turn into a blog where I’m afraid to say a band is a little depressing, a little boring, lacking creativity, or spiritually empty.  I want to stay honest about what I think, even if it offends you.  If you don’t want to hear what I think, then you don’t need to send me your music or read my blog.