If you’re like me, one of your favorite bands of all time was Five Iron Frenzy.  And if you’re even more like me, you find yourself waking up in a sweat most nights yelling out at the top of your voice, “Whatever happened to this oh-so-sweet band that I once loved?!”  Then you collapse in a quivering, shaking heap.

I’ve often wondered what happened to the guys of Five Iron.  Well, I don’t know what happened to all the guys, but Jeff the Girl (Leanor Ortega Till) is currently playing with the denver-based band Hearts of Palm.  Described as “eclectic and anthemic indie-pop,” I feel bad but I almost like them more than FIF.

My best friend in college (and, really, middle school and high school too) was a guy named Rob who introduced me to Christian music.  He got me hooked on two bands – Five Iron Frenzy and Stavesacre.  Rob was intensely devoted to Five Iron.  He even wrote a letter to Jeff the Girl and dreamed of one day marrying her.  Sadly, apparently she married some guy with a last name of Till and not him.  It’s a cruel, cruel world out there.

A couple years ago, I drove over to Denver to check out the FIF church-plant Scum of the Earth.  It was interesting.  Not as cool as I expected, but still fun.  The best part was Jeff the Girl was there.  I think she gave the announcements.

But enough of her.  Hearts of Palm, formerly Nathan & Stephen, is Nathan McGarvey, Stephen Till (Perhaps he’s the guy who broke Rob’s heart), Leanor Ortega Till, Jonathon Till (Hmm… Or maybe him), Matthew Till (Or him?), Justin, Dan, Phil, and Jared.  There are three guitars, bass, drums, saxophone, keyboards, and trumpet. Whew! They’re making some really sweet music, and if you head over to their MySpace now you can get their latest EP The Bridge totally free.

So what’s their music like?  It’s hard to describe.  They’ve got the energy of a big ska band like Five Iron, but they’re eclectic and indie leaning ala Sufjan Stevens, and the lyrics are as catchy and happy as the pop of Ponoka.  According to the DU Clarion, “There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this band, but here are a few: huge, crazy, eclectic and mind-boggling.”  The Denver Post said it like this: “…it’s impossible to miss the celebration in this music.”  And Quiet Brandon put it this way: “Hearts of Palm are kinda the quintessential Denver band right now. To know Hearts of Palm is to know the Denver music scene in 2008.”

Here are two of my favorite songs.  Download ’em, get the rest here, and share the love with all your homies:

Give ‘Em Hell – Download – Stream
No Water – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/heartsofpalmband
Website: www.heartsofpalmband.com

Get the free EP

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