Look up the word “awesome” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Aaron Sprinkle.  Look up “totally sweet” and you’ll find his brother Jesse.

What the heck did the Sprinkles feed their kids?  These guys are incredible.

I’ve been a fan of Aaron’s music for years, so I didn’t let myself really start getting into Jesse’s music until maybe 6 months ago.  I don’t know, I didn’t want to create a situation for sibling rivalry I guess.

Whatever reason I had, now I’m a fan of Jesse too. His style is different from Aaron’s but great nonetheless.  His solo stuff is very chill.  Aaron’s music can be a little overly introspective, sort of moody, and while Jesse’s isn’t fluff, it’s got a happier tone overall.

Seriously, if you aren’t familiar with the awesomeness of the Sprinkle boys, read my post about Aaron here or just take a gander at a list of all he’s done here.  Then look here to see some of what Jesse has done.

Man, these guys get around.  Jesse’s played drums, sang, played guitar, mixed, done album photography, produced, engineered, played tambourine, produced albums, been a member of a band, done solo work, run a recording studio (Bluebrick)…  The list goes on and on.  He’s played for or been a part of Poor Old Lu, World Inside, Sherri Youngward, Seven Places, Jerry Chapman, Fair, Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, Denison Witmer…

Sorry, but if you think you’ve been pretty involved in the music industry, Jesse’s probably got you beat.  Whether you like his music or hate it, you gotta admit he gets around.

Jesse is probably one of the best drummers out there, and his solo stuff is equally good.  It’s got a great alternative / indie feel to it.  Somewhat introspective, but not overly moody, like I mentioned previously.  Pretty happy, upbeat stuff most of the time.

There’s a lot of good stuff written about Jesse out there, so I won’t say too much.  Check out Puddleglum’s post about him and his recording studio here.  It’s a fun read.  Other than that, I’ll leave you with a word from Jesse himself, taken from his MySpace:

I was born on june 22nd 1976 in Seattle, Washington. I’m a drummer, guitarist, singer, songwriter, engineer, producer, photographer, body builder, dad and husband. I currently own and operate a recording studio in upstate NY called Bluebrick Recordings.

Shoving a square peg in a round hole is pretty much the story [of my life]. So some would say, although I believe that life’s endless clashes hold a lot more water than most think, or don’t think. Also lingering, my skeptic doubt. My doubt is holding picket signs reading: Irrevocable commitment to any one belief is intellectual suicide! Yet I believe strongly in a higher power.

Here are two songs I enjoyed off his 2005 album Unnoticed:

Seven Miles to Friendship – Download – Stream
High Spring Falls – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/jessesprinkle
Website: www.jessesprinkle.com

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