Man, this blog takes way too much time.  Especially when it’s nice outside.

I get way too many e-mails from people wanting me to check out this band or that band.  I have way too much music to listen to.  I have way too many interviews I’ve been hoping to write.  I have way too many MySpace pages to visit.  I have way too many articles I want to write.

And I definitely don’t have enough time for it all anymore.  It’s nice outside now (most days).  I’ve been busier at church.  I’ve got more freelancing work to do.  I’ve started exercising again (more than just my fingers on the keyboard anyway).  I’ve been reading more.  And I’ve been getting excited about meeting with God faithfully again.  All of which are good things.

So, yeah, I just wanna whine about how busy it is.  I wish I could spend 40 hours a week (or more) just on The Blah Blah.  I’d love it.  But since I can’t, I’ll just keep plodding along as fast as I can.

Don’t stop sending me music suggestions or MySpace pages to check out or cool books to read.  As long as you don’t mind me not responding to your e-mails in a timely manner or posting about every band you send my way, I’d rather have too much come in than nothing at all.

I love doing this blog.  I love getting new music, interviewing artists, giving away MP3s, promoting new bands, researching musicians, and writing my thoughts on music and the music industry… but, man, I want more time to do it.