Dumb title for the post.  I know.  It’s hard coming up with genius every time.

Anyway, Alli Rogers is an artist who is easy to like on one level or another (just like Mr. Rogers – see?).  She’s not my all-time favorite ever, but she’s got a great voice, a sweet and simple folk sound, and some really well-written, catchy lyrics.  Her music isn’t weird, artsy, ecclectic, bizarre, or any of the other adjectives that often describe music I like.

But I dig it.  It’s easy to get into and appreciate – you don’t have to work hard when you listen.

Alli Rogers has a voice that’s like the cool country stream you want to dip your feet into after a warm summer day spent walking barefoot through green fields.  It’s soothing, relaxing, comfortable, familiar.

Yeah, familiar.  Which can be both good and bad.  On the good side, it’s easy to get into her music.  You don’t have to figure out how to think of it.  It’s comforting and soothing, easy on the ears.  Yet, it’s also a little too familiar at times, like you’ve heard it before and could easily tune it out.

All in all, her latest album You and the Evening Sky, is chock full of country-influenced folk songs that just make you feel good inside.  Some songs are obviously better than others, but the album is full of stuff that’s easy to like and appreciate.  Some songs feel too familiar and a little boring, but usually Alli stays on the good side of familiarity – the side that makes you feel comfortable without causing you to ignore her.

Lyrically, she’s a great writer.  Alli makes use of some great images that bring characters and issues to life.  She’s one of those rare lyricists who can not only write a song that tells a great story, but she can also write a good chorus you can sing along to.  It seems like you normally get people who can either write great stories in their songs, but you’d never be able to sing them, or people who can write very singable choruses that don’t tell any particular stories.  Alli can do both, all in the same song.  It’s very cool.

To jump back to another thing I have a hard time with in her music is that it’s a little too country for me at times, and a little too CCM.  She tends to sound like a lot of the other Christian musicians out there, some of which are just awful.  But, if you free your mind (you can picture Morpheus or En Vogue saying it, depending on who you prefer) then I think you could grow to really appreciate the music she’s making.

Below you will find two of my favorites from You and the Evening Sky:

Baby, I Believe in you – Download – Stream (By far my favorite song on the album)
At Sea – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/allirogers
Website: www.allirogers.com

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