Since I posted about Jon Abel a few days ago, I thought it was only fitting to do another worship group today, but a group that’s doing things completely differently.

Meet Aradhna.

They’re from India.

And they’re completely awesome.

Aradhna is one of my favorite bands that I’ve learned of from Brent over at Colossians Three Sixteen.  Not only do they seem to love God and really be worshiping Him, but they do it without using Western-leaning music or classic Western worship songs or hymns redone Hindu style.

Aradhna is Peter and Fiona Hicks, Chris Hale, and Travis McFee.  They make worship music inspired by Jesus but using the musical style of traditional Indian devotional songs, bhajans.  The music seems genuine in every sense of the word.  It’s genuinely Indian and it’s genuinely god-centered worship.  I don’t feel like someone out there just thought, “Hey, let’s make a buck off the American Christians by getting some Indians together to make some music that sounds half-way Indian and mostly Western.”  It’s real Indian music and real worship music, coming out of their hearts.

I can listen to Aradhna almost the whole day long.  I love the merger of Indian and Western instruments and vocals.  And it’s all focused on God.

Since my internet seems to be extra slow tonight and there’s a lot of good stuff written about Aradhna already, head over here for a really good interview with Peter Hicks and here for a review of their latest album Amrit Vani.

Here are two of my favorite Aradhna songs.  Get ’em here, and then grab their other albums from e-music:

Jaago Logo – Download – Stream
Narahari – Download – Stream


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