When it comes to music, most people think I have weird taste.  Well, maybe not you nice guys and gals who read my blog.  People have described my musical tastes as “bizarre,” “eccentric,” “eclectic,” “weird,” “crazy,” “boring,” and “dumb.”

Contrary to what they may think, though, I do like some “normal” music once in a while too.  I really do enjoy quite a few songs by Delirous?, Shane and Shane, Lifehouse, and even Newsboys.  I try not to be a total music snob, though I fear I’m becoming somewhat of one, and I try to come to all music I hear with an open mind.

Jon Abel is one of those “normal” guys I’m starting to like.  He sounds a lot like Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, and other worship leader guys (this despite his incredibly cool suitcase).  His lyrics are a little cliched, the music is a little boring, and the themes are a little over-used, but for those times that you really do just want some simple good Chris Tomlin-styled worship music, he’s perfect.

Jon Abel is a guy I wouldn’t be surprised to hear on christian radio within a few years.  His new album Back to You defines CCM.  The lyrics are positive, uplifting, and God-centered.  The music is simple, energetic, and guitar-driven.  He’s gonna be huge if he keeps going.

So, now that you know he’s not as weird and “indie” as most guys I put on here, I really do like the album Back to You.  Even though the songs are a little repetitive and cliched, I feel good every time I listen to the album.  It’s like listening to Chris Tomlin or Philips, Craig, and Dean – it’s a little boring and pre-packaged sounding, but you can’t help but worship God.  Jon Abel’s heart for God is contagious through his music.  I wanna smile, dance, cry, lift my hands, or sing about how great God is when I hear him sing.  I love it.

Jon Abel comes from Texas, and while he leads worship at Highland Park Presbyterian in Dallas, he’s played in worship events throughout the nation, had his song “Awesome is the Lord Most High” covered by both Passion and Chris Tomlin, and cowritten songs with Tomlin, Don Chaffer, and Chad Cates.  His most recent album, Back to You, was written specifically with corporate church worship in mind, but I think it works great for personal times of worship too.

Keep your eyes on Jon Abel.  I think that within a few years he’s gonna be huge.  His heart seems to be in the right place, his music is exactly what most people listening to Christian music want to hear, and his songs could really take off for use in church worship services.

Hope you enjoy these two by Jon:

Awesome is the Lord Most High – Download – Stream
Back to You – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/jonabel
Website: www.jonabel.com

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