OK, so I’ve been getting so many free downloads from e-music recently that I’ve run out of ideas of who to download next.  Well, I have a few albums lined up that I kinda’ want to get, and I’m sure I could find more, but rather than risk scraping the bottom of the barrel, I figured I’d get you all to lend me a hand.

Who should I download off of e-music now?  Who’s your favorite?  Who do you think I would like?

I don’t care what style of music it is, but I’m not hugely into rap, R&B, or CCM.  I’d like to find more good music by Christians but I’ll take any good suggestions for non-Christian indie stuff too.

Help me out and tell me who I need to download!

P.S. For the uninformed, you seriously need to sign up for e-music.  I’ve lost track of the number of free downloads I’ve gotten in the past month, but it’s well into the hundreds.  When you sign up for a free trial, you get 50 free downloads.  You can download your 50 and then cancel, or you can keep a subscription going at about 30 cents a song.  If you keep a subscription going, I get 50 free downloads and you can go on to recruit people to sign up under you to get 50 free downloads too.  They don’t have everything, but they have almost all the indie stuff you could ever want.  It’s seriously a great deal, and if nothing else, just get your 50 free MP3s and then cancel.