If Stevie Wonder and Jack Johnson had a baby, not only would it be a completely disturbing set of circumstances, but that baby would probably sound a lot like Trevor Davis.

Who is this Trevor Davis?  Read on, my wayward son.  (Dumb song reference I know…)

I get music sent to me all the time at The Blah Blah, and while I like some of it, others I don’t care for.  I get really awful music sent my way once in a while, but it’s pretty rare.  Usually if I don’t like it, I can find someone who does.

Anyway, I recently received Trevor Davis’s new album Nothing Ringing True in the  mail, and while it took me a while to like it, I think I’m won over now.

When I first took a look at Trevor Davis’s new album, I thought, “Sweet, this is gonna be great.”  The album art is awesome.  Ink sketches of elephants on tricycles pulling giant bells, mechanical caterpillars reaching for lightbulb balloons – I got excited just looking at it.  When I put in the CD, my first thoughts were, “This isn’t what I expected, but I like it.  Nice groove going on.”

Then, somewhere between the second and third songs, a thought got lodged in my brain, a thought that ruined the album for me until recently.  As I was trying to figure out who Trevor Davis reminded me of, all of a sudden I heard a Justin Timberlake song through the grooves of Trevor Davis.  As you can imagine, once that got lodged in my brain, I couldn’t, like any self-respecting man, say that I liked the album.  And even if I had wanted to, it was as if somehow subconsciously I couldn’t like him anymore.

So I tried to like him again.  I played the CD again and again.  I read the lyrics.  I perused the album art again, searching for inspiration.  But Justin Timberlake just kept creaping in trying to bring sexy back, and I had to put the CD away for awhile.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.  Just the other day I was able to listen to the album again free from all Justin Timberlake-ness.  Don’t ask me to explain how he got lodged in my head – there’s really not much, if any, similarity between him and Trevor Davis – but I’m glad I’m free again.

Anyway, Trevor Davis isn’t the type of music I normally choose to listen to, but I am really digging it.  He reminds me, like the title of my post implies, of a mixture of Stevie Wonder and Jack Johnson.  And maybe throw a little Rocket Summer in too.

Trevor Davis is bringing his soulful pop rock from San Diego, joined by drummer Darla Hawn and bassist Taco (Tyler Carroll).  The songs run the gamut from searching for God to searching for girlfriends, and throughout you’ve got some groovey bass lines and really funky drums.  Even more than Trevor’s soulful voice, the drums are my favorite part of the album.  Darla’s good, and you can tell she knows it.  She’s never overplaying, never rock-star loud and crazy, but always dead on, mixing in cool beats and funky rhythm changes all the while.  If you don’t normally listen to the drumming on a song, try to pick it up on the MP3s I’ve got below.  She’s amazing.

Trevor says about himself, “So here is the heart behind my beats and the hand behind my strum. My music has edge, but your still able to bring it home for your mama to enjoy. I’ve heard I am a mixture of Prince, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5, and Fiona Apple. I consider myself a big oxy-moron always reaching for two opposites and bringing them together to create harmony. I try to combine both a joyous and an emotional sensation as I disclose my innermost thoughts. I feel extremely privileged to live out my passion.”

Discussing his influences, he says, “When I was in first grade me and my mother attended a gospel church. The music there was just oozing with soul. Thats where i believe my ear for soulful music began. Then later in Jr High i was surrounded by a bunch of rockers who played guitar. I believe that’s when l lost a percentage of my hearing due to weekly concerts. As you can see my influences land in both Rock and Soul.”

On his MySpace page, it states that he, “captivates his audience with a strong, soulful voice that can reach to a cutting falsetto with ease, all the while engaging them with witty banter and dance moves as entertaining as his music.”

I’ve always thought dance moves were kinda’ goofy, but, hey, as long as it’s decent, right?

Before I close for the night, one interesting fact about Trevor is that he had never sung in front of anybody until his senior year in high school.  Nobody even knew that he could sing at all until out of nowhere he decided to sing the national anthem at a basketball game.  And I guess that’s where it all started.

Well, here are two of my favorites from the album:

Arrowplane – Download – Stream
Pour Me Out – Download – Stream

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