Since my account at HotLinkFiles still doesn’t seem to be working and I haven’t got my own website set up yet, I’m still posting all sorts of things that don’t require MP3 uploads.

Today, I want to draw your attention to a few artists who I don’t have any MP3s for, but I think they’re worth your time.

Mike Helms – I’m not sure what exactly to think of Mike Helms, but I know I like his heart.  I like his passion.  I like his zeal.  I like his message.  Head over to his website to hear the song “Nice Little Church” that he recorded recently.  It’s sort of an old-school folk sound with controversial Keith Green-inspired lyrics.  He’s also got a few cool articles he’s written on there about various topics related to the song.

Francisco the Man – This stuff is completely awesome.  Bluesy 60s-influenced indie rock with some sweet pop hooks and a lot of distortion.  The only way they could be any better is if they were on e-music.

Jared Colinger – He’s done stuff with Frank Lenz (Headphones, Starflyer 59) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59, Brothers Martin), but you should definitely check out his solo new wavey stuff.  Keep an eye out for him to show up on the next Joy Electric album in November too.

The Cotton Jones Basket Ride – Coming from Michael Nau, the mastermind behind Page France, is this trippy psychadelic blues-leaning band with the longest name I’ve ever seen for a band.  Well, other than Reverend Raven and his Chain Smoking Altar Boys.  Check his stuff out.

The Glorious Unseen – Worship music that’s a little different.  It’s not quite as artsy as David Crowder or as moody as Robbie Seay, but it’s really good.  I can’t wait to get a few MP3s of this band sometime.  But, alas, they’re not on e-music yet, so I’ll have to wait.

Michael Sheldon – Some cool acoustic music.  He says about himself, “Michael Sheldon is a man focused on living his life in dedication to Jesus Christ, because Mike believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve life, both here and beyond. His music however will not always display this affection toward Jesus Christ. It will often be angry, confused, distraught, or worse because Mike believes that those raw human emotions reveal a truth about who he is in relation to the God he loves. Mike makes no pretentious statements about his perfection, but hopes to reveal to himself, and to those who are willing, God’s perfection.”

That’s about it for now.  Keep coming back and soon I’ll be able to put MP3s up again.