Head over to IdioMag for a sweet new idea that I hope really takes off.  The basic idea is that IdioMag compiles a daily personalized music magazine, built around bands that you want to read about.

You can either input a couple of bands and it’ll compile articles based on those selections, or input your username for Pandora, Last.fm, iLike, MySpace, and other music sites and it’ll look at what you listen to there and build a magazine to match.  There’s interviews, videos, photographs, tour news, reviews, and random articles, all with relevant MP3s streaming in the background – if MTV killed radio, IdioMag might just kill your standard music magazine, or at least provide an interactive alternative.

The main beef I have is that I don’t have enough time to enjoy it.  There’s tons of sweet stuff they compile for me every day, but I only make it over there once in a while.  They also don’t have as much of the indie Christian stuff as I’d like, but it seems to be getting better…  And I’m almost getting annoyed with this whole concept of personalized everything.  Almost.

It’s pretty easy to sign up and takes only a minute, and it’s better than getting an entire print magazine filled with ads and a bunch of articles you don’t want to read.  Oh, yeah, and it’s free.  So head over here and get yourself a personalized daily magazine.