As you probably know, the Village Thrift series of re-mixed worship music put out mainly by Ben and Robin Pasley of 1000 Portraits and Enter the Worship Circle depends on you to make the remixes.  Ben and Robin and the other artists involved provide a framework, and then the rough recordings are given out to the community to be re-mixed and edited.

The guys have finished the rough recordings (or 8-packs) for the new Village Thrift: Circa 2008 album, and the best remixes and edits will make it to the final recording.  They’ll be releasing 2 8-packs a week for the next 10 weeks, for free download, so start editing now.  Get what you need right here.

Or, if you’re like me, just download the rough recordings and enjoy the songs for their own sakes.  If I had the right software, I’d love to see if I could make a cool mix… but until then the songs are pretty sweet in and of themselves.