Well, my upload service, HotLinkFiles seems to be having problems.  All the MP3s that should be hosted there are not accessible, and it won’t let me upload any new ones.  What the heck’s going on?  A lot of the pages don’t seem to be working anymore on their site either.

Anybody have any ideas on what’s going on?

I had a pretty sweet new single from Eugene Francis JNR (who I’ve posted on here and here) to send your way, but since I can’t do that, I’ll just tell you to get on over here to listen to the song “Beginners” and keep an eye out for The Golden Beatle to be released on April 28th.

When I figure out what’s going on with HotLinkFiles, I’ll be sure to put up the MP3 for you to download.  Until then, just envision the most awesome, inspiring, emotionally-moving song you’ve ever heard and take it down maybe one or two notches.  Seriously, the song is great, as all of EFJ’s stuff is, and I can’t wait to get the whole album.

To pre-order the new album go here and check out the trailer here.