I love finding new bands around the Milwaukee / Chicago area.  I live in Oconomowoc, which doesn’t have a lot happen – other than church explosions.  See here.  But with Milwaukee only a short drive away and Chicago just a little beyond that, there’s never a shortage of great local bands to pursue.

The Sapiens are one of those.  Coming from Chicago, they’re producing some high-energy, frenetic, pop music that’s a mixture of early punk and 80s electronic music.  Their recordings sound great, but I’m even more excited for the chance to see them live sometime.

The Sapiens started in November 2005 as a foursome but have grown now to five members.   Evan sings like every word might be his last, cramming energy into songs like those old-school punk rockers would.  Charlie Nadler plays ferociously on guitar.  Dave Veller lays down some solid bass lines.  Matthew Witt gets in touch with the 80s (in a really good way, not in a cheesy way) with his keyboards.  And D.Fine, with the easiest first name to spell, plays drums with a mixture of pure mania and precision.

Together, the five guys create some crazy high-energy music that, for whatever reason, makes me think of that old Harrison Ford movie The Fugitive.  I feel like I’m transported back to the late 80s or early 90s where I’ve been accused of a crime I didn’t commit, and now I’m on a track to escape the law and prove my innocence.

Whatever feelings it evokes in you, the music of The Sapiens is always going somewhere.  It’s never just sitting there and introspectively thinking about life.  It’s on a mission to get wherever it’s going, and it’s gonna get there as soon as it can, with as much excitement and energy as possible.

Since I have this obsession with knowing the spiritual beliefs of most people I post here, and since I like to promote Christians when I can, I asked guitarist Charlie about the guys from The Sapiens.  His response?  “Our bassist and keyboardist, Dave and Matthew, are Christians. The rest of us are satanic pygmies and seahorse worshipers.”  I think he was joking.

Either way, I hope you all like these two songs, and if you’re in the Chicago area, try to catch them at a live show sometime:

Waitress, Waitress – Download – Stream
Every Corner – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/thesapiensband
Website: www.thesapiens.com

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