With the Worship Wars over, now it’s time for something completely different.

Lately I’ve had a strange fascination with music from the UK area.  Whether it’s The Twilight Sad, Glen Hansard, Eugene Francis Jnr, or the topic of today’s post, Broken Records, I can’t get enough of a heavy Scottish, British, or Irish accent over modern indie music.

Since I post mostly artists who have a Christian faith, I should probably make the disclaimer that as far as I’m aware, the members of Broken Records make no claims to being Christians.  They are in fact blood-sucking head-hunting zombie worshipers from Scotland.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Everything in between “They are in fact” and “from Scotland” is debatable.

Jamie, Ian, Arne, Rory, Gill, Dave, and Andy formed Broken Records in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2006.  Yes, that Jamie, Ian, Arne, Rory, Gill, Dave, and Andy.

Seriously, I don’t know their last names, but I assume they all have one.  I have the same feeling about middle names too.

According to their bio, “Using a range of instruments including guitars, bass, violin, cello, accordion, mandolin, piano, trumpet, glockenspiel and drums, they create a sound combining traditional European folk with modern Scottish alternative music.”  I really dig their music.  And I don’t think it’s just because I’ve been going through this UK thing lately.

The vocals are amazing, reaching highs I didn’t know existed.  The music is intense and creative, with intricate musical orchestrations and blending of sounds.  Instruments come and go, pause at all the right times, weaving in and out of each other all the time.  It’s the soundtrack that would be playing in the bizarre independent film where you, a young aspiring indie rock star, and William Wallace are running through the Scottish Highlands to get to your next gig in Iverness.  I told you it was bizarre.

Anyway, the band is working on a full-length album, but in the meantime I highly recommend downloading the MP3s from the EP (link below).  This stuff is incredible.

Update: For some incredibly sweet acoustic recordings, download the Toad Session MP3s here.

Here is the one and only official song I have of the band:

Slow Parade – Download – Stream

MySpace: www.myspace.com/brokenrecordsedinburgh

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