I’ve been doing the Worship Wars since way back in mid-February, and I think I’ve gotten tired of it, so this will be my last post in the series, at least for now.

And what better way to end the Worship Wars than with Enter the Worship Circle?

I’m not a huge fan of the primary Enter the Worship Circle series of albums, but I respect Ben and Robin Pasley as musicians and I love their heart to worship.  Besides, when it comes to hippy, gypsy acoustic worship music, no one does it better than the original Worship Circle crew.

There have been four primary Enter the Worship Circle albums released so far, the latest just coming out in March 2008 (download it here for half the price).  Each one is a collaboration by Ben and Robin Pasley and various other like-minded artists.  As stated on their website this series is “focused on collegiates and small groups, and is a worship collection featuring hand drums, acoustic guitars, and an informal vocal team.”

In addition to the primary Worship Circle series, Ben and Robin Pasley have also done the Village Thrift and Chair and Microphone series (or serieses?), which I like better musically.

The songs from all three series are often drawn from the Psalms and are intimate, realistic portrayals of faith, not glossing over the hard times.  They’re honest and real, not naively optimistic.

The primary series is a little more hippy sounding than I usually care for, but I love the heart to just gather a group of friends to worship God and lead others in worship.  It’s simple, honest, and a little spontaneous.  It’s not about production quality or mass-market appeal – it’s about simple, honest worship of a God who deserves it more than anything else.  According to the website, “the Worship Circle is an unfolding conversation between a small group and a present God.”

About the first album in the series, they state, “After touring for years in bars, clubs, and places where students gathered for music and sometimes spiritual pursuit, [100 Portraits and Waterdeep] decided to work together to create what, at that time, did not exist: a worship album for everyday people.”  Each of the three subsequent albums have followed the same philosophy.

Hope you like these two songs, one from the first album and one from the third:

Those Who Trust – Download – Stream
You Are My God – Download – Stream

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