Welcome back to the Worship Wars!  Sorry for missing my usual Friday post.  Being in the ministry, last week was crazy.  We’ve been remodeling our church building, so we really pushed it the past few days to get things as ready as we could before Easter.

Our plan is to convert the whole church into a coffeehouse / concert venue / bookstore by the beginning of summer.  It’s been a lot of work, but it’ll be awesome when it’s done.

But enough of that – on with the Rock N Roll Worship Circus!

If you’re a fan of The Listening, then check out where they came from – Rock N Roll Worship Circus.

Where The Listening is a little Pink Floyd, Worship Circus is a little less Pink Floyd and a little more Beatles.  They do pretty straightforward worship lyrics, but it’s still creative enough (musically and lyrically) not to be lumped into the whole “worship rock” category.

The band started out in the mid-1990s as a worship band for their church, where they released one album on their own, Big Star Logistics.  Soon they released two more albums for Epic Records, won a bunch of musical nominations and awards, toured with Delirious?, and then got dropped for not selling enough albums.  Much of the band went on to form The Listening, which as far as I know is still going on.

Rock N Roll Worship Circus had a great 60’s vibe, with singable worship songs that were creative enough to be above the norm.  I think they deserve way more attention than they got, so give ’em a look.

I love the song “Gift of Cool,” which you can download below.  It’s a great story of revival hitting a town and all the high school students coming together, no matter what their hair, clothing, or music styles.

And “The Undiscovered” is one of the all-time greatest guitar-driven worship songs I’ve ever heard.  Love the trippy, ethereal sound, and the lyrics are great – simple enough without overusing all the standard worship phrases.  Check out the sweet guitar solo at 3 1/2 minutes.  I wish more worship music was exactly like this.

Anyway, here’s those two songs.  Sorry, but they’re WMA files instead of MP3s:

Gift of Cool – Download – Stream
The Undiscovered – Download – Stream

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