I want to ask all you guys (and gals) a question today: What makes good worship music?

For me, I want to feel some connection with God in the music.  The words don’t need to make sense.  Heck, there don’t even need to be words there.  The music can be a little boring or weird.  As long as I feel a connection to God, I’m happy.

It usually helps if the music is good, but if it’s overly complex or interesting then I can sometimes focus too much on the music and not on God.  It also helps if the lyrics aren’t overly confusing, but if they’re too lame, then I may end up paying more attention to that than God too.

I guess, ultimately, what makes good worship music is a good worshiper.  If my heart is ready to worship God, it doesn’t matter how weird, bad, boring, complex, or simplistic the music is – I’m gonna worship Him.

It’s easy for me to get critical of worship music – especially now that I’ve been getting into the indie music scene in the past few years.  The indie scene is filled with music snobs, so if you don’t fight it, you can become one too.  The truth of the matter, though, is that God can, and does, use mainstream music (yeah, I know, can you believe it?).  God doesn’t seem so bent out of shape about how good the music sounds or how well-thought-out the lyrics are.

So, if I’m more snobbish than God when it comes to music, that’s a problem.  If God Himself would walk into the room, play some worship music, and I would stand back thinking, “Hmmm… sounds too much like something I’ve heard on Christian radio.  I don’t like it” then I’ve got a problem.

Now, the debate becomes “Would God even play worship music that sounds like stuff on Christian radio?”

Anyway, what makes good worship music for you?  The lyrics?  The music?  The message?  The feeling of it?  The energy behind it?