Today in the Worship Wars I’m bringing in one of CCM’s favorite worship groups – Shane and Shane.

I know, it’s pretty shameful to have so much CCM stuff on this blog lately, but the indie worship scene really is pretty slim.  I’ve still got more indie guys to pull in, but some of the CCM worship stuff deserves your attention.

I first heard of Shane and Shane years ago, but it took until last November before I finally gave in and listened to them.  I figured that since they were CCM they had to be lame.

Well, they’re definitely not making “cool” or “artsy” or “indie” worship, but the songs they’re doing are amazing all the same.

Though Shane Barnard and Shane Everett aren’t necessarily “cool,” they’re extremely talented.  What they do best are amazing vocal harmonies and intricately weaving guitar parts.  Some recordings of their songs are simply the two of them singing and playing acoustic guitar, and it’s so well done that I never have a chance to miss the drums or bass.

Unfortunately, I didn’t put up any of those recordings today.  Why?  Because I like the ones with the full band even better, and I think they still illustrate the duo’s skills at guitar and harmonies.

Shane and Shane met each other while attending Texas A&M University.  Shane Barnard had been leading a prayer/worship group on campus while recording some of his music.  Shane Everett was attending the same university and shortly after having an encounter with God that led to him becoming born again, he went to the prayer group.  He was quickly singing harmonies on Barnard’s recordings and by 2002, the two decided to do their own thing, capitalize on the harmonies, and call it Shane and Shane.  Since then they’ve made seven albums in 5 years.

Make sure you pop over to Shane Barnard Web for some great live recordings of the guys and their friends.  Plus they’ve got lyrics, chords, and instructions on how to play most of the songs.

Here are two of my favorite songs by the duo.  I think both are from the live album An Evening With Shane and Shane:

Psalm 145 – Download – Stream
Yearn – Download – Stream


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