Delirious? fans should be getting excited – their new album Kingdom of Comfort is due in stores on April 14th, and it sounds really good.

Talking about the album, their MySpace says:

It’s here. Well, almost. The tenth, the boldest, the most personal and least comfortable Delirious album you’ve ever heard. Kingdom of Comfort is the album that bands like this never really make. By now it should be business as usual – working the formula and churning out the classics. But not for Delirious. Kingdom of Comfort is the result of two years of hard times and challenging experiences; of trips to the homes of those whose entire possessions can be packed into a shoebox; of finding life and hope in the darkest of places; of the morning after the five-star dream; of waking up and knowing that life can never be the same again.

The songs I’ve heard so far are really good, getting back to some of the passion and energy that made the band great back in the day.  They really do seem to be born out of deep soul-searching and challenging experiences.

…In other news, Delirious? fans can get 2 free downloads off the new album – God is Smiling and We Praise You – by signing up for free membership with The Living Room. I’m sure you’ll get spammed a little, but I think it’s worth it.  Delirious? promises to keep putting more free stuff up all the time, too – MP3s, videos, photos, and hopefully small Kenyan monkeys.