Taking a complete worship turn-around from the last band I posted about (Delirious?), today I give you one of my favorite musical groups of all time, the Psalters.  They’re crazy worshipers, insanely talented musicians, and radically devoted Christians.  If you haven’t given them a listen yet, I think you’ll really dig ’em.

My wife guest posted about the band a while ago (here), so I’m not going to go into too much detail this time.  They’re a great band, and if you want to know about them, check out the previous post.

But, for a few basics, the band’s MySpace lists their members as “Captain Napkins, Prince Edwin Ransom, Lady Pickaway Brave, Governor Stonethrower, Count Tabu Noirleon, and The Duchess” and describes their sound as “the percussive clank of chain links attached to dozens of defiant stomping feet across the marbled business floor desert, fists raised high, open mouthed screaming brittle sirens over the hum of computers, air filtration systems and the muddy thud of a thousand apathetic hearts.”

I guess the Psalters aren’t technically a “worship band.”  Their songs fall equally under either worship or social issues, or, a lot of times, both.  With a passion and a rawness and an energy that seems to draw from King David’s experience dancing before the Ark, I can’t help but include them in the Worship Wars series.  Even if they’re not technically “worship music”, I wanna worship God and change the world when I listen to the Psalters’ songs.

At times the music can be overwhelming. They’re not a band I can listen to all day without a break.  But in small doses, this is worship at its best – loud, crazy, and full of energy.

These are two of my favorite songs by the Psalters, and I hope you like ’em too:

El Elyon (live) – Download – Stream
The Lord’s Prayer – Download – Stream

Website: www.psalters.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/psalters

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