I try to put a lot of independent artists up here on The Blah Blah, but today’s group is just about as far from that as you can get.

The problem is that I really do like a lot of mainstream bands as well as independent stuff.  And when it comes to worship, there are a few really good independent worship groups that I know of, but there’s a lot more mainstream worship out there.

And when it comes to mainstream worship bands, Delirious? really needs to be included in a series called Worship Wars.  As original innovators of the worship rock genre, they began what all worship bands after have tried to emulate in one form or another.

According to Wikipedia, the band Delirious? began as a worship team for a youth outreach event called “Cutting Edge,” put on by Arun Community Church in Littlehampton, England. As the “Cutting Edge” events increased in popularity, the band found itself playing at similar events along the south coast of England.

The music of the events became well-known among Christians and people began to ask for recordings. Four EPs were released under the “Cutting Edge” name and the band sold over 70,000 copies by mail order, even before they had decided to do music professionally as a band.

In 1996, after being hospitalized from a car accident, Martin Smith decided to take the band from being a youth worship team to being a professional music group.  They changed their name to Delirious? and began to record and tour outside the “Cutting Edge” events.  Now, anyone who is aware of anything in Christian music knows the band, almost every Christian could name half a dozen of their songs, and worship music has never been the same.

The band consists of Martin Smith on vocals and guitar, Stuart Garrard (Stu G) on guitar and backing vocals, Jon Thatcher on bass guitar, Tim Jupp on keys and piano, and Stew Smith on drums and percussion.  They pack a big, U2-influenced sound into their worship.  It’s a good, solid, clean sound that epitomizes the idea of “worship rock.”

Now their sound is getting a little old, but you can’t deny that God used them powerfully to usher in a brand new thing in Christianity.  Some of their old songs are still more powerful than much of the newer stuff out there.

I read this interesting tid-bit about their name on Wikipedia that I thought I’d pass on:

The question mark is part of the official name. On the band’s early albums, the final s before the question mark was rendered as a 5. According to drummer/bandmember Stewart Smith, this occurred because the keyboard he was using at the time did not have the letter “s” and he improvised with the number 5 on the keypad–a convenient reflection of the band name. In some circles, therefore, the band’s name often appears as Deliriou5?. The band’s logo changed in 1999, and the glyph was replaced with a character that could be an s or a 5. It should be noted that the name has always been spelled as Delirious? in official, non-graphical literature.

Well, with all that said, hope you enjoy these two older songs by Delirious?, ones that both made me stop and listen over and over again when I first heard them.  Sorry, but they’re both in Windows Media format:

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? – Download – Stream
Investigate – Download – Stream

Website: www.delirious.co.uk
MySpace: www.myspace.com/delirious

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